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Cane Corso Puppy

When you bring home a puppy, there are various things that you need to take care of your dog. This practically means learning basic dog care and taking every necessary step to ensure their happiness.

According to Aapt Dubey, the founder, “Dogs have a special way to speak, and they can only be understood by those who listen.” He found that most dog owners seemed perplexed about taking care of their dogs and did not know how to make them happy; thus, he created the platform Its About Dog.

Its About Dog is a comprehensive platform that provides various training materials, feeding tips, and grooming essentials so that you can take care of your dog correctly.

The first basic essential your puppy must have is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition can only be achieved with the help of a healthy as well as, balanced diet. It’s About Dog lists various nutritious food types that can be fed to dogs with a holistic mix of micro and macronutrients.

Apart from processed food feeding, he lists some recipes to create a fun diet for your dog. “Like humans, dogs get tired of their usual food, and one can wag their tails by churning with their ladles.”

Thus, if you visit his website, you will see various unique recipes. Apart from that, he also lists out feeding patterns for dogs with conditions.

The second crucial essential element for your dog is proper training. Try to choose a training program for your dog that suits its needs of the dog and accordingly, you can continue it. You can hire a professional trainer or train the dog by following the how-to guides and tips from Its About Dog.

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The platform provides various training materials on how to train them for different activities and what to do in case of ill health, like puking or other complicated problems.

Apart from general training tips, they have specialized training tips for Bernedoodle and Cane Corso Puppy, as they require certain additional instructions when it comes to training.

When your puppy grows up, you must create a specified space. Since dogs are social animals, they mostly want to spend time with you. However, you need to create a specified area for them.

“You should control your dog’s behavior and not vice-e-versa,” says Aapt Dubey. Thus, make sure you have a specified place for them. This can be a kennel or a crate. Its About Dog lists some unique tips through which you can establish off-limit areas for your dog and help set ground rules for them.

Another essential element that your dog needs is proper grooming. This includes adequate bathing, fur brushing, tooth brushing, and nail trimming. Certain dogs also require hair trimming at regular intervals.

However, do not be overwhelmed with all of these, as Its About Dog has a dedicated section for grooming tips. They have developed various grooming regimens per different breeds suiting the dog’s lifestyle. You can look at it and stick to the routine you desire.

The needs of a dog keep changing with each stage of its life. Apart from the bare essentials like feeding patterns, training, and grooming, your furry friend can also go through illness or specific conditions.

Hence you must keep going for regular checkups at your vet. Its About Dog mentions certain conditions and diseases which, if you observe in your dogs, immediate action should be taken. It also says specific home remedies you should keep in mind if your dog has minor health issues.

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According to Aapt Dubey, just like humans, dogs also have social needs. So, if you do not take your dog to the outside world and do not socialize with other dogs, it might create a source of mental dissatisfaction in them, leading to nervousness.

Its About Dog has specific articles related to pet mental conditions like depression and anxiety. If you are a dog owner, read them as they can give valuable insights about your pet’s behavior in certain circumstances.

Hence if you are thinking of bringing home a puppy or an existing dog owner, check Its About Dog, the A-Z guide for your furry friends.