Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Reviews: 30 Day Results

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In this article, we will guide you about Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Reviews: 30 Day Results which will be very helpful to buy.

This program is contained of three main stages. It starts with a beginner level and slowly moves towards the most advanced level. Women of every age can join the Yoga Burn Challenge program.


Once you achieve this 12-week yoga challenge, it’s said you’ll feel that your body has loosened up and also grown visually more toned. we had 4 test participants who assisted us with our examination case study and their information is as follows;

  • Kara D., 21 years old, required to lose 15 lbs
  • Mary C., 29 years old, required to lose 26 lbs
  • Judy G., 46 years old, required to lose 31 lbs
  • Mindy L., 38 years old, required to lose 35 lbs

We’ll examine the results our volunteers experienced later on in the article. It’s significant to know that Yoga Burn not only promotes health and weight-loss, but it is also said to assist in developing your flexibility to a magnificent extent.

Now let’s take a closer look at this yoga-based program and view how it can assist you to attain your ideal physical shape, flat belly and all! Let’s decide if this program is very for you.

Is Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge worth Buying?

Let’s be honest… we all want to understand, is this worth your coin?

First, be aware of the time commitment. The 12-week yoga program consists of 3 phases and you’ll be asked to spend accurately 4 weeks to perform each phase, before growing to the next phase.

The videos given for each phase come with an introduction video that explains every aspect of the training along with 3 workout videos for every phase.

To their credit, all of the videos are shiningly designed with clear guidance and with Zoe Bray-Cotton being the instructor, you can be sure about your technique.

She’s an excellent instructor and has been in the yoga field for numerous years, she knows specifically how to talk with her students.

The more time you commit to doing this program, your success rate will be higher and you can view results every day. So, for you to get the best value from this, you must commit to the change.

Apart from the workout videos, the Yoga Burn program also provides 4 Bonus videos that include excellent tips and tricks along with some basic yoga training on doing yoga poses that will largely assist you in performing the program easily, efficiently, and in the specified time.

There are many of products out there that come with flashy promises to burn fat, it seems that the Yoga Burn Challenge is a genuine program that can guarantee you success if you follow each and every guidance specified in the program.

It isn’t too difficult to do so as this program can be done successfully even by beginners. We like that with Yoga Burn, you are not asked to take any medicines or move on a diet, rather just spend an hour or two each day and burn those calories t0 restoration to your ideal weight.

It establishes a really healthy lifestyle change and it is the kind of product we like to suggest.

About Zoe Bray-Cotton, The Creator Of Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a familiar and bonafide yoga tutor with years of experience teaching yoga-based fitness programs. She’s also the women behind the Yoga Burn Fitness Challenge. She is a private trainer and a professional in female body transformation programs.

She has worked in multiple formats teaching all forms of yoga in schools, gymnasiums and fitness studios everywhere North America.

With bundle of experience behind her, it’s stated she came up with the Yoga Burn fitness program to enable women to recover their lost fitness and additionally, lose their excess weight achieved over the years and achieve and maintain their ideal shape and size.

That’s a bold claim, and we don’t doubt it. She has played a really important role in presenting the program in a simple and easy to follow the way, applying poses that even people without any basic information of yoga can follow without trouble.

This really solidified Yoga Burn as a program we can suggest because of it not exclusive to those who are already fitness or yoga specialists but rather enables you to learn as you go.

How Will You Get Benefit from 12 Week Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge?

Yoga is an old practice and is considered to have been produced based on the ancient science of hatha yoga that assists you to develop your mental and physical power amazingly.

Some of the other benefits of yoga include:

    • Helps in decreasing weight and promotes a lean body
    • Promotes healthy sleep
    • Improves your flexibility
    • Increases your muscle power and tone
    • Increases your energy levels
    • Increases blood flow
    • Improves and balances your mood

Now, let’s review the results our volunteers achieved applying for this program.

How Does Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Workout Schedule?

The Yoga burn challenge is a 12-week program mainly concentrated on yoga designed to help you in dropping excess weight and to improve your over health and performance levels to a magnificent extent.

The program is separated into 3 phases and each phase lasts for 4 weeks. The 3 phases of the yoga burn challenge contain:

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow

This is the initial phase of the yoga burn challenge and it basically trains you to make for the program along with some of the basic yoga poses.

You’ll also be trained on how to pose accurately and Zoe will assist you in maintaining the pose with step-by-step guidance. She will then teach you how to work out these yoga poses with a soothing flow.

This phase of yoga works out also instructs you how to breathe accurately during your yoga sessions for more reliable results.

Additional tips in this phase:

  • How you can do the basic yoga poses and workout.
  • Guides you to control and strengthen your core

Phase 2 – The Transitional Flow Phase

If the foundational flow is about reading the basic poses, the traditional flow phase is about how to smoothly move from one pose to another to produce a sequence of poses.

This phase also guides you to combine and mix the poses you read from phases 1 and 2 to maximize your calorie burning.

Phase 3 – The Mastery Flow Phase

This is the ultimate and final phase of the program and the yoga instructor will guide you on how to masterfully combine all the poses learned through all the phases to form a particularized yoga routine that will assist you to tone your body and effectively burn calories to improve and maintain your fitness.

This phase of the program will assist you in:

    • Strengthening your body
    • Boost your metabolism
    • Develop lean muscles
    • Gain a flat belly
    • Burn fat & calories instantly

Where to Buy Yoga Burn DVDs?

Yoga Burn is normally not accessible on any other websites except on its official website. Click here for the cheapest price automatically applied.

You are presented with a 60-day money-back guarantee so if you are not happy with the program within 60 days, you can get a full refund.

The yoga burn DVD’s comes with two price options in case you want to have one for yourself and provide a gift to a friend at a discount.

What is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga?

According to Zoe, the Yoga Burn program is largely based on dynamic sequencing, a technique that connects the yoga poses in a high-powered sequence which gets more exceptional as you go across the levels allowing your body to adapt to the new exercises slowly.

This assists you build a magnificent shape you can maintain. This technique is extensively acclaimed by multiple as it assists in increasing your muscle power and your flexibility.

Since the poses are sequenced in the right order with the correct duration of time allotted for each pose, you can feel your body adapts to the program very instantly.

Who Will Benefit From Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge?

The program is mainly invented to enable women to lose extra weight efficiently and effectively, to improve their flexibility and to firm up areas that pose problems.

The Dynamic Sequencing technique is produced to help both beginners and also people having experience in yoga. For beginners, the program allows you to adapt fast and pushes you to improvise with tough poses until you become more experienced.

Unlike other fitness programs, you don’t need to practice these yoga poses every day as according to Zoe, it is more beneficial to have three sessions every week and allowing each session to last for 45 minutes.

You also have the bonus videos that can be practiced any time you’d love to go even more deeply into the program. Also, if you have been looking to practice every day working the bonuses will assist you to master the poses and to see results that much more instantly.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge for Women Bonuses:

The Yoga Burn Challenge program gives you bonus videos along with the exercise videos for each of the 3 phases. These bonus videos assist in improving your yoga workouts and can be done parallel to your daily phase workouts.

Yoga Burn Bonus 1- Tranquility Flow

The bonus video runs for around 15 minutes and guides you with the basic laws of restorative yoga. The main goal of this video is to teach you how to relax and stretch your body in healthy ways.

It also guides you with the value of having a proper posture while sitting and walking. The 15 min video also guides you poses for muscle relaxation and instruments on how to de-stress yourself.

Yoga Burn Bonus 2- Beginner Flow

This is mainly for beginners who find it difficult to understand or do the basic poses of yoga at first. This video runs for around 45 minutes and moves at a slower pace.

It comes with even more detailed step-by-instructions, this is an exceptional video for beginners to improve their yoga skills and see how to do the poses that will assist them in the next phases of the program.

Yoga Burn Bonus 3- Pose Tutorials

This is also a bonus video that focuses only on the poses and gives step by step guidance on all the yoga poses. It presented tutorials and guidance on 21 yoga poses that are taught through all the phases of the program.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Reviews & Ratings: The Good & Bad Points

The Good Points:

Weight Loss (4.3/5)

One of the most significant things to talk about is the weight loss that was an immediate result of Yoga Burn.

My experience with post-partum weight after my third pregnancy really put into perspective ‘stubborn fat’ for me. I was willing to give up when this program assisted me to reinvigorate the habit of a regular workout.


I viewed testimonials online where people who stuck to the program successfully shed the extra weight and kept it off.

In my case, I kept a healthy diet with whole foods and no drastic dietary changes. I cut out processed foods, sugar, and ready-to-eat meals as well as candy and alcohol entirely.

Coupled with the fast workouts, particularly in the third phase, I observed my weight steadily dropping off. In the twelve weeks that I pursued Yoga Burn dedicatedly, I lost 17 pounds. Keep in mind that I supplemented this with decreased calorie intake, jogs almost three to 4 times a week and regular sleep (as much as I could handle).

Peace of Mind (4/5)

I don’t know what happens to those of you who don’t wake up with 3 kids and a husband all vying for your consideration. There must be so small crying, shouting and tugging involved.

Since I’ve started with Yoga Burn I find myself more intellectually aware and ready for my day. Waking up is a more comfortable process and by extension, the day that follows is much more controllable.

I feel like I’m at peace with myself and can actively decide to behave more calmly. Again, you cannot discount the fact that this program was approved by other good habits I acquired.

Factors like a healthier diet, regularized sleep, and more time outdoors, connecting with hobbies, etc. are also known to have an immediate impact on de-stressing a person.

Following Instructions (4.5/5)

Another really important factor for me was the simplicity and style of guidance that accompanies Yoga Burn. They begin slow with a foundational phase and then kick it up with every passing phase.

Since they begin gradual, it is simpler to follow along and find your footing with your yoga practice.

The basic action videos acted as a refresher course for me and I think that this simplicity made the program less intimidating to me.

My real abilities were well-utilized while also supporting me to grow better skills. Sections, where they concentrated on meditation, relaxation techniques or breathing, were my preferences!

Flexibility & Strength (4.5/5)

As the program concentrates on developing on foundational knowledge of posture, poses, and stances, it grows your overall flexibility. By engaging the core muscles through compound movements, I felt this workout affect my power levels as well.

I used to find myself with back pain on some circumstances after carrying the kids around. But as I practiced these yoga exercises, I found myself more energetic and less tired at the end of a long day.

Additional Equipment (5/5)

While there are numerous other programs or regimes to follow out there, most of them needed a huge investment in a product, supplement, machine or some other equipment.

In the case of Yoga Burn, all I required was a small space in the living room to put down my yoga mat. I’m not going to account for the system needed to play the DVD itself.

The Bad Points:

Discipline (3.5/5)

Although it isn’t a downside, this program will need discipline if you want to reap the genuine benefits. Apart from the fact that you need to be regular with the workouts to see results, you have to be serious while doing the real workout.

The yoga poses and movements are easy enough, but if you aren’t careful, you might end up doing more harm than an assistant. My recommendation is to ensure that you’re doing accurately what the guidance says to avoid any injuries.

Time to Get Results (3.7/5)

As is the case with any regime that presents constant results, Yoga Burn takes some time to display noticeable results. The real workouts are not really easy and might require you to strength through during tough moments.

You cannot expect this program to work if you don’t supplement it with other good habits. Just like you can’t go to the gym and eat fried chicken for lunch every day, you can’t expect to observe results without some serious lifestyle modifications.

Again, discipline is the solution. If you have been looking out for a miracle get-thin-quick program then Yoga Burn might not be for you.

Hidden Charges (3/5)

While I individually didn’t have a problem with my delivery or shipping, there are a few people out there who have objections about hidden charges.

Some people have been charged for more months as particularized in fine print than they signed up for. However, I especially didn’t seem to have this problem. The company also has a 60-day repayment policy.

Customer Service (3/5)

Although the program is backed by a return policy, they do not have a client helpline number. Customers have found it hard to initiate returns or have their questions answered at the time due to this.

In my view, if they had a helpline number that could answer questions, it would have been softer client experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Review – How Exactly Does This Program Work?

Yoga Burn Challenge program is a tremendous success among women largely because of the way it has been conceptualized and produced.

Based on the Dynamic Sequencing program, the program combines poses in a sequence so that simple poses come in the first phase of the program and slowly advance allowing your body to adapt.

With this sort of high-powered sequencing, you can also gradually start grasping the right postures and forms and start accurately doing them.

You’ll master the art of yoga after the achievement of the 3 phases of this program and will be able to lose a substantial amount of weight and get into a more desirable shape.

Who can benefit from Yoga Burn Challenge?

The Yoga Burn Challenge program is created for women of all ages who have difficulty with excess weight or who feel stressed out with their regular work schedule, and women looking to obtain that classic flat belly.

This program doesn’t involve any kinds of medicines or diet programs and you can go on having your normal food routine and only need to spend around 3 days a week with 45 minutes for each session.

Is Yoga Burn good for pregnant women?

Yoga Burn doesn’t include any kind of weight training or more difficult level workouts so even pregnant women can participate in the program.

In fact, joining the program will assist them to have more comfort during their delivery and will also strengthen the body to ease their pain as well.

And various women strive to regain their fitness after they have their baby and Yoga Burn is an exceptional choice to help them regain and grow their lost strength and also to shed excess weight.

(Moreover, all these exercises can be done efficiently from the comfort of your home – a classic for pregnant mommies or busy ladies).

How is Yoga Burn different from other yoga classes?

Yoga Burn is entirely different from yoga classes as it is created specifically to maximize fitness and weight loss. You don’t need to sweat it out in a yoga studio since these workouts can be simply done from your home.

Not the specifying, nowadays yoga sessions are priced much more expensive and with Yoga Burn you get to train for around 12 weeks for an unbelievably cheap price.

Considering the price that you would be paying for almost 3 months for classes in a yoga center, yoga burn is a wonderful value.

Since the Yoga Burn challenge is particularly designed for women, it gives them the maximum your possibilities of burning fat and calories instantly.

Based on the Dynamic Sequencing technique, each and every pose has been particularly designed to give wondrous benefits to the women.

Is any warranty provided?

Yes, we will rarely suggest a program that comes without a warranty. In this case, the Yoga Burn Challenge program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that enables you to get a full refund of your money should you find you are not happy with the program.

Your money will be refunded in complete within 48 hours of you placing the request. We love companies like this who stand by their product.

Is the program hard?

No, it has been produced in a way that even absolute beginners and people without any information of morning  yoga can participate and gain success from the program simply.

It’s produced in such a way that the starting phases have poses that are more comfortable to learn and slowly advance to tougher poses as the program moves through the levels.

If you still feel that the poses are hard, not to worry, the videos give you a lot of extra options to enable you to modify the poses based on your current fitness levels.

Are there any offers available?

Yes! Right now the deal on this is incredible. The basic pack comes to under $40 with coupon and that presents you with a set of videos for all the 3 phases along with bonus videos.

The specific offer package gives you 2 sets of all of these videos in case you want to send the yoga challenge to your friend so you can modify your bodies together. Love this cheap price! Click here to get the deal.

How To Buy Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge:

To buy the Yoga Burn program and qualify for the 60-day money-back guarantee.

The charge is from $37 to $57 plus shipping, depending on the package you buy.

By purchasing through the link above, you will also qualify to get all expected bonuses added to the program as they are delivered. Beware of fraudulent links and do not give your credit card information to an unknown seller.

This program cannot be bought through Amazon. Do not confuse this with the Rodney Yee program. The program is available as a physical collection on DVD and for download in digital format directly from their website after logging in.

Unluckily, there is no possibility to save on shipping by purchasing the downloadable copy only (without the DVDs) – both forms come in a package.


Yoga Burn does not deliver any discount coupons or codes.

The price has been set at the deliverance of the program. Although the price stays the same, Zoe remains to add value to the program with unique bonuses.

By purchasing through the official site above, you automatically qualify for all later bonuses added by Zoe, and you will get them at no extra charge when they are delivered.

Package Options:

What is the difference between the Yoga Burn Digital plus Physical package (priced at $37) and Digital plus Physical X2 set (priced at $57)?

It’s manageable. With the X2 option, you get 2 copies of the same program. Find a friend who is excited in trying Yoga Burn and you could both save!

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Reviews & Results – My Final Thoughts:

When I started with this program, I did not have enough time or energy to start working out enough to lose a significant amount of weight.

I didn’t have the tolerance to do anything complicated or make significant changes to my schedule. The children would always need me to be able to get up and go if they required me.

In this crazy occupied schedule, I found that the way this program was produced, it was more comfortable for me to exercise and find time for myself.

To anyone on the lookout for a weight loss regime that works, Yoga Burn is an excellent option. However, I have found that unless you are committed to getting through the workout daily, changes won’t occur.

As we started slow and the workout power increased, it got slightly more challenging. In my view, this is what assisted me truly burn all the extra calories and fat.

The other relaxation, stretching and bonus videos assist keep you centered inwards, de-stress you and assist you to find a small mental clarity. This combination of physical and mental strengthening makes this program’s approach very holistic.

If I had to speak about the overall energy level of this program, I would so that it is pretty intense. This makes it perfect for women who don’t have sufficient time to dedicate to yoga exercises but still want to get in shape.

The workout makes you utilize muscle groups that are otherwise untouched in the course of your day to day activities and assists build lean muscle.

You end up getting a very intense muscle exercise in a considerably small period without having to leave the comfort of your own house.

This is a boon for new moms, housewives, students or any other women who don’t enjoy gyms or other traditional exercise options.

While Yoga Burn is certainly not accurate, it has multiple benefits to offer those who dedicatedly and consistently keep up.

In end, I’d like to say that the twelve-week commitment to this program might be accurately what your weight loss transformation requirements.

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