Yoga Wind Relieving Pose | How to Do It Properly

Here we will guide you about Yoga Wind Rrelieving Pose which will be very helpful for you to learn in depth about yoga.

How to Do the Wind Relieving Pose. The Wind Relieving Pose stretches the lower back, sure, but as its delicate name suggests, it has one main goal. . . meaning you might want to think twice about practicing this one in the office. You will need Comfortable clothing suitable for stretching and moving A calm place where you won’t be distracted or disturbed and a yoga mat or folded blanket.

Step 1. Lie in a comfortable position on your back. Step 2. Exhale, bending your right knee up to your chest and wrapping your arms around your shin. For an extra stretch in your back, have a brave friend gently push your shin into your chest.

Step 3. Press your back, shoulders, and the back of your neck into the mat, keeping your spine long. Step 4. Exhale, and bring your forehead toward your knee. Step 5. Breathe deeply for several breaths.

For a more “relieving” pose, place your hands on your knee and press them into your chest on each exhale, then straighten your arms to move your knee away from your chest on each inhale. Step 6.

Release the pose by dropping your foot to the mat. Step 7. Repeat the pose with the left leg, holding for the same number of breaths as you did with the right leg. Step 8. Release the pose by dropping your feet to the mat.

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