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Hi folks welcome to the yoga wild youtube channel. My name is casey. I use the pronouns she her for this edition of wild in tacoma. We are on the traditional and present day territory of the coast, salish people at lake old, a beautiful historic landmark in lakewood washington, and we are on this 10 acre gym.

But we’re, just a few minutes from i-5. So this is a fantastic location. It is open to the public if you are nearby, please come check it out. This class is morning yoga greet the sun. If you’re new to our channel, please take a moment to subscribe.

Our yoga of practice can be a great way to really tune in to our cycles and rhythms day to day and also nature cycles. We are diurnal beings, meaning we’re day. Walkers, we are active during the day, so to start with, a little bit of movement can really impact how you feel for the rest of your day.

This class is just standing, so maybe a yoga mat. Maybe no yoga mat you could be inside or out. Shoes are barefoot, whatever is accessible for you. We’ll, get started standing in mountain pose, so you could choose feet closer together or have a little bit of space palms face forward, so really spiral.

Your thumbs away from your body, external rotation in your arms and then feel your shoulder blades come together and draw down your back. So your back body is strong and active to help open and lift the front side feel rooted into the earth.

As you stand, just a little bit taller, maybe close your eyes or just find a soft gaze down and just take a moment to notice notice. Maybe you’re feeling some natural sways in your body. You might be feeling a little out of balance that’s.

Okay, you can always take a wider stance. Option to open your eyes as you inhale reach your hands high, then exhale, cactus, arms or goal posts elbows come wide as your elbows come wide. Feel a little wrap in your shoulder.

Blades, like you’re picking your heart up toward the sky option. Even to turn your gaze up, maybe drop your elbows a little bit more. Just let this feel good big opening stretch inhale reach back tall draw your navel in long spine, exhale elbows wide lift your heart one more like that.

Inhale reach up stand tall, exhale, elbows, wide lift your heart inhale stand tall, er, exhale forward fold uttanasana. As you fold forward this first time here, maybe just hang like a rag doll, release tension in your spine release to gravity inhale halfway, lift hands can see on the ground or come to your shins or thighs.

As you find a long flat back exhale forward fold inhale reach your hands high stand tall exhale hands to your heart, inhale reach up urdhva hastasana this time, exhale lean to your right. As you lean to your right.

Your right hand can come to the side body. Maybe to your outer hip for a little bit more core challenge. You could keep both hands high or even grab on to your left wrist. With your right hand, we’ll, be here for a few more breaths, so really root through the outer part of your left foot and send your left outer hip wide to the left.

Big big stretch inhale, lift back up exhale lean to your left. So you choose hands, can stay lifted, maybe lower down. You can even bring your right hand to your hip if that’s more than your shoulders need this early in practice, but feel the contraction of your right side.

Body big stretch through your left inhale, lift up exhale lean to your right. We’ll. Take that side to side a couple more times inhale exhale inhale, stand tall exhale, maybe lean just a little further inhale exhale.

This time inhale reach up urdu exhale forward fold. Uttanasana inhale halfway, lift exhale forward full inhale reach up stand tall, exhale hands to your heart. This time inhale reach your fingertips forward: hands about shoulder, height palms in thumbs, up exhale, open arm twist reach your right hand back now, as you open up to your right, keep your hips forward facing so instead of twisting from your hips, even though you might find A huge range of motion keep your hips stable twist from your chest.

Inhale sleep, your right hand, forward exhale, open arm twist to your left. So again we’re, not caring. So much about the range of motion hips stay forward and just really trying to get into that tight upper back into your thoracic spine, especially if you’ve been sleeping and your body feels really tight.

Just stretching and moving inhale sleep your hand forward. Exhale open to your right inhale, exhale one more each side, this time inhale, sweep both hands up up up exhale forward fold, maybe keep a bend in your knees.

Inhale halfway, lift exhale forward fold inhale reach up exhale hands to your heart. Good now bring your hands to your hips. Keep your right foot forward and step your left foot back. Setting up for veerabhadrasana one warrior one right knee in line with your right toes bend your right knee! Your back foot is at an angle, and you can play with your stance shorter, wider, find what feels stable for you just bend into your front knee as much as possible, while keeping your spine long hands can reach up know that this is a great place to Stay really starting to wake up and warm up your legs, otherwise inhale here, exhale straighten your front leg, so really dig in with your right heel as you bend your elbows open wide, just like we did earlier.

Maybe even lift your heart couple more with breath. Inhale warrior one exhale squeeze your legs: lift your heart, inhale exhale inhale, warrior one exhale step your left foot up, hands to your hips other side ground into your left foot step.

Your right foot back make your adjustments and you can feel that your hips are staying facing forward. Just like your shoulders draw your navel up and in really active in your back leg press through the outer part of your right foot.

As you’re. Ready, maybe even reach your fingertips up stay here, holding their strong warrior one or we’ll. Add the pulse inhale exhale elbows wide, lift your heart inhale reset warrior one exhale squeeze your inner thighs together strong legs, one more inhale warrior one exhale step your right foot up: hands to your hips, very drastica, to warrior two.

This time take a little longer stride right, knee stays in line with your right toes, but now your hips and shoulders open to your left and your left toes will point toward the left side of your space with your shoulders stacked up over your hips bend into Your front knee as much as you need think of sinking your hips down, so it’s like you’re, getting wider option to reach your fingertips right hand forward left hand back, maybe even gaze over your right middle finger.

We’re, going to focus on our side body. Just like we did standing inhale, reverse warrior, reach your right hand up pause here. You can stay here, right, fingertips reaching up or start to add the lean back so contracting your left side body.

We’re, not dumping into our low back. This is side body activity inhale. Maybe even gaze up exhale, extended side angle, bring your right forearm to your right, thigh or the inside of your knee. Maybe fingertips come all the way to the ground left hand is on your hip, extends up toward the sky or reaches forward palm down.

Hold your legs. We’ll pulse that inhale reverse warrior contract. Your left side, exhale, extended side angle, inhale, reverse warrior. Exhale extended side angle, this time inhale back warrior two exhale hands to your hips.

Straighten your front leg step your left foot up. You can shake out your hips. We’ll. Do the other side, long stride as you step your right foot, back, open your hips and shoulders toward the right side of your space and then give yourself time to settle in, i like to add a little pulse, a little bit of movement, just check that your Left knee tracks, in line with your toes your back leg, is active.

I know a lot of attention can go to this front. Thigh, it might start to shake mine is but squeeze your right quad the front of your right, thigh and really press through the outer edge of your right foot.

Maybe extend your arms wide vera. Bhadrasana 2 from here inhale. Reverse warrior. Lift your left hand up your left palm faces behind you toward the back of your space option to add the lean contract. Your right side, body, big stretch through the left, inhale exhale, extended side angle so now contract your left side body stretch through your right.

Your fingertips can reach up or forward wherever your left arm connects. Just keep it light. Hold your legs inhale, reverse warrior big stretch up exhale, extended side angle, inhale, reverse warrior.

Exhale extended side angle inhale, warrior two pause here: exhale hands to your hips, straighten your front leg step your right foot up. However, you get there good last round of standing poses high lunge step, your left foot back so hips and shoulders face forward similar to warrior one, but this time your back heel is lifted and if that doesn’t feel really stable.

Today, you can always do warrior one again or maybe bring your right hand to a tree or a wall for support, bend into your right knee as much as you need really press down through your left, big toe and your right heel sink into your hips option.

To reach your fingertips, high shoulders stack over your hips draw your navel up and in inhale reach your fingertips forward: hands about shoulder height, exhale, open arm twist to your right. Draw your shoulder.

Blades, together reach through your fingertips, like you’re reaching to the opposite sides of your space. This high lunge keeps your hips forward facing so really feel the twist from your chest a couple more times, opening that same direction inhale sweep forward exhale open to your right, inhale exhale inhale reach your hands back up, exhale step your left foot in hands to your Hips last side, high lunge step your right foot back really give yourself time to settle in bend and pulse and finding a dry shear gazing point is really important, so maybe look for something not moving about eye level for more challenge.

You can always kind of pick your gaze higher up and in reverse for more stability. Maybe bring your gaze further down. Feel your back heel really lift away from the ground sink into your hips, find your breath inhale reach your hands forward.

Exhale, open arm twist to your left. As you reach, your left fingertips back don’tworry. If you don’t, have this big huge wide twist that’s? Fine, really draw your shoulder. Blades together, feel an opening in your chest.

Inhale sweep forward exhale, open, inhale, exhale open, inhale, reach your hands high exhale step. Your back foot in tree pose rakshasana. We’ll end with a balancing posture, so balance on your right foot and you can kick stand your left heel up against your ankle or maybe bring your left foot anywhere on the inseam of your right leg and really open your left knee wide.

As you activate your glute and stand tall, any variation with your arms that you prefer take a little time here so especially if you are practicing outside and the surface, you’re on isn’t. Even you might feel a lot of wobble in your ankle.

You might be feeling that anyway, that’s, not too uncommon and don’t worry about being a statue just try to recognize that you’re building strength and mobility and flexibility and if you fall out just take time to come back in inhale, exhale lower your left foot down balance on your left leg and then kick Stand your right heel or find placement anywhere on the inseam of your left leg.

Just take a moment to recognize the work that you’ve done the heat, the energy that you feel in your body, starting your day with a little bit of movement and worry about these poses being perfect or the best pose.

Ever you’re just tuning in just getting started, inhale, exhale, lower your right foot down, take a few moments standing hands at heart, or you can connect one hand to your heart one hand to your belly notice.

Your breath take a little time and gratitude for carving out time to move, to breathe, to greet your day with attention and care we’ll close with one final collective breath inhale exhale. Thank you. So much again my name is casey.

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