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Yoga Wheel For Beginners – Best Exercises and Poses for Stretches

Yoga always attracts us with stunning moves. We see everyday yogis perform amazing yoga techniques and make us surprise. One thing that excites us most is the yoga wheel.

It looks amazing a yogi using a yoga wheel and creating flawless balance. After watching such kinds of Instagram feeds, some people have purchased their own yoga wheel. They have a basic guide that came with the packaging.

You must be thinking that a beginner guide included in the pack of yoga wheels is enough to get trained. But after following this guide and making some extreme moves you have got discouraged and ended up throwing the yoga wheel in the store.

How to use a yoga wheel for beginners

But before giving up your ambition, please do read this step by step guide on the yoga wheel for beginners. In this article, we will cover the seven basic but powerful exercises you can perform with your yoga wheel. These exercises are easy to perform and you will get results indeed.

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Open Shoulders Extended

When you drive a car, eat food or use your pc you don’t even think about your posture. When we use a mobile phone, our posture decides the amount of load our back has to deal with. Hence a good posture can save you from having back pain in future.

This yoga exercise is intended to improve your posture.

  1. Lay on the wheel and start sliding your trunk or mid part of the body in the forward direction. Try to achieve the position when it comes to the rest on the floor.
  2. Now push your hands on the floor and start extending your arms in a forward direction carefully.
  3. Now start bringing your legs in an upward direction. Make sure that the wheel is under your abdomen.
  4. Now carefully start breathing while lying in this position. You need to do it for 10 breaths.

Build Core Strength

This strength-building exercise is another practice you can include in your daily yoga practices.

This core strength building exercise will help to alleviate your back pain. It allows you to do more productive tasks in your routine life. This is a mixture of strength training and stretching exercise.

  1. Kneel on the ground having a yoga wheel behind you.
  2. Now take the position of a plank and carefully put one foot on the wheel. Then put the other one in the same way.
  3. You need to keep your back in a straight position while performing this step. You can hold the wheel with the help of your feet.
  4. You can make this step more challenging by engaging your body in a mountain climbing exercise style. Lift one foot and opposite arm. Hold the floor and wheel with other foot and arm.
  5. Do this exercise for up to 30 minutes by holding the wheel in a certain position. Then you can repeat the whole step in another round when you feel relaxed.

Chest, Back & Spine Extension

This exercise is an amazing bonus for beginners. If you have a healthy back you can take advantage of this pose. Because it doesn’t only stretch your chest, back and spine but also give your back a necessary warm-up.

  1. Sit flat on your feet having the yoga wheel behind you.
  2. Now carefully lean back on your yoga wheel. You need to take your hands up.
  3. After achieving the mentioned position now carefully put the wheel under the spine. Now keep your feet on the grown and straighten yours. Point your toes in out without moving your feet around.
  4. You can lay in this pose for up to 30 seconds.

Assisted Plow

A plow is one of the most popular poses among yogis. This exercise gives you deep stretch and allows you to get the maximum out of your practice.

Using a yoga wheel in your plow exercise makes the whole process more convenient and comfortable.

  1. Lay down on your back and alleviate your lower back up to lungs in air. Then place the yoga wheel carefully underneath your butt.
  2. Now start rolling the wheel towards your back by lifting your hips.
  3. You can grasp the wheel with your hands for support and in doing so, start moving your legs up to the above of your head.
  4. You can stay in this pose for up to 30 seconds.

Pigeon Pose

One of the most challenging but beneficial yoga poses for advanced yogis. This is a kind of extreme backbend that opens your whole front chest and spinal. Try this pose only if you are comfortable in doing backbends. But once you master this skill, you will be amazed at the results.

  1. Kneel on the ground with the help of your yoga wheel.
  2. Now carefully approach your head with your arms having a yoga wheel underneath your back.
  3. No, put your head on the ground by grabbing one side of the wheel.
  4. You can stay in this pose for up to 30 seconds.

Assist in Headstand

Headstand is one of the best yoga skills everyone wants to master. But it’s one of the hardest exercises if you are bad at maintaining balance. It depends on your balance capability because you need to stand on your head straight. Although it’s difficult it increases your blood flow and improves blood circulation.

The yoga wheel helps you in obtaining the ideal balance required for this step.

  1. Hold the yoga wheel with both hands by putting forearms on the ground.
  2. Now create a shape of the triangle by placing your head on the ground and assisting with elbows.
  3. Now it’s time to shift your legs in the air in the opposite direction upside down. You can create support for your head by pulling the wheel towards you.
  4. Now use your core muscles and lift your feet into the air. Hold the wheel with both hands and make your head balance point.
  5. Now start breathing slowly holding your balance tightly. Focus on your balance and keep your legs in the air and hold in this pose for up to 10 breaths. Then bring your legs down slowly.

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