Yoga Resistance Bands

How To Use Yoga Resistance Bands For Workout and Exercise

Yoga is a powerful way to get a strong and fit body. But it is not easy to move your body during yoga practice without any support.

The beginners have a problem with yoga movements because they cannot touch their toes. They cannot bend their body parts. Hence, they required support which helps them to bend their body. 

That’s why Yoga Resistance Bands are available to grip your body and touch your toes easily. Why these brands are useful? How to use Yoga Resistance Bands?

Which exercise or practice needs these bands? Each question has an answer and you will find many solutions to your problem in today’s article.  

Types of Yoga Resistance Bands 

You need to understand what are the types of Yoga bands and when to use them. There are three common types of Yoga Resistance Bands in which includes:

1. Loop bands 

2. Therapy bands 

3. Tube bands with handles 

If you want to know which type can be used for which purpose. Then don’t worry because the fitness professional will help you to determine which band is useful for you and you will also learn how to use these bands.

But you need to learn that yoga bands depend on your fitness level and you can choose it by your level. Thus, the yoga bands can be used as your specific workout plan. You can use these bands at home and can do yoga practice without any professional trainer. 

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Uses of Yoga Resistance Bands 

Yoga Resistance Band’s uses depend on the exercises and fitness levels. Let’s take an overview of all exercises, yoga moves, and positions. These are as follows: 

1: Dead Bug with External Resistance 

In this yoga exercise, you should set your body and maintain the static position of your right leg and left arm. You can start the process and move your right hand and extending your left leg forward. During this, you have to press out the band by moving your leg and arm. Hence, you have to keep your back bottom ribs rooted.

You can again start moving your arm and right leg to repeat the position and then rest it to coming on starting position. You have to do it for more times and then use the other left leg and right arm. The same movement will be applied and you can also increase the complexity by adding another band. The same process and movement will be applied for hard exercise. 

2: Monster Square Dance 

In this exercise, you have to use a small looped band just above your knees. For this, you can separate your foot’s outer hip-width apart and also you have to place your hands on your hips.

Then you have to bend your knees. Now you can just press your thighs easily out into the band and start moving slowly. 

You need to start moving slowly and see if you are OK then start moving your legs step by step. The first step will be the back of your legs movement and the second step will be the forward movement of your legs.

You need to maintain your movement and start to take steps in a square pattern. The Yoga Resistance Band will be used to give a grip to your thighs and legs and you can take equal steps. You have to take a breath and repeat this exercise more times. 

3: Assisted Side Bend, Resisted Side Un-Bend 

Here you can use the small looped band and start another exercise with it. You can stand straight and step on a looped band with your right foot. Also, you have to hold those bands with your hand.

The hand will be right and the leg or foot will also be right. Now you have to stretch your body and start a movement on the right side. Start the movement from the right side and bend yourself and again stand straight. 

Here you have to maintain your shoulders balance and grip on your foot. You have to stabilize around your center and also need to maintain the curves of your spine as well.

You have to repeat this exercise for more time and then use it on the left-hand side. You have to move your body as same as you did with your right hand and right foot.

4: Toughen Up Your Rotator Cuff 

In this yoga exercise, you have to stand straight and hold the small resistance band in both hands. You have to arrange your shoulders with the distance apart. It is so simple exercise and everyone can easily do it. 

You have to line up your upper arm bones which will be alongside your torso. Also, you have to connect your elbows.

Now start the movement of your hands equally and start pulling the band apart among your hands. You have to repeat the same movement more times until you fatigue. Similarly, you have to take a breath and start the movement again and repeat the process more times. 

5: Side Angle Pose with External Resistance 

In this yoga exercise, you can use the external yoga resistance band and can start a movement. For this, you have to place one loop and use your left foot. Also, you have to use your left hand to hold the band.

The movement will be on the right side, so you have to bend your body on the right side easily. You have to step your feet on the right side and start a movement on the right angle pose.

Here, you have to turn your right hip out. Similarly, you have to bend your right knee. Also, place your right elbow on your right thigh, it will be a support to your whole body. Hence, you can easily do your practice or exercise in this position. 

For more times, you have to repeat the same exercise and then take breathe. Also, use the same procedure with the left hand and left foot.

You have to bend your body to the right side and start a movement of the left hand and left leg with the support of the right elbow. You need to repeat this process with a loop and do it for more time. 


Yoga has so many poses, exercises, and steps for several body parts. The workout of yoga requires a professional way to bend your body into the right position.

Hence, you have to use the Yoga Resistance Bands to move your body into the right position, and then you will get a perfect body.

So, the yoga bands types and their uses with special exercises are described in the above section. You can learn the uses of yoga bands and also learn the exercises which can be perfect with the resistance bands. 

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