Yoga Poses For Two People | EXTREME YOGA CHALLENGE Twins vs Friends

Here we will guide you about yoga poses for two people which will be very helpful for you to learn in depth about yoga.

Hey guys, I’m takin. I’m Sam and we outdoor kitchens welcome back to our Channel today, guys we’re in Bali and was saying at the what whew I’m glad. We’re, staying at the Wofford, do move resort and it’s.

Absolutely amazing check out the view. This is amazing whose everywhere palm trees cool grass rocket. I know your place down there, and we’re here with our really good friend, Sophie and Makena.

Hey guys and we have decided that this was a perfect opportunity to do you, a young challenge, iPad, the we’re in st. alright yeah and then obviously putting these all together so kings against Donkey Kong.

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Okay, guys guys, take the footage and don’t like long videos, but they got there. It’s. All you guys say what thing you’ve, been rounding up. 3. 2. 1. Go! I’m! Sorry. What all right: new clothes? Yes,  right good, two one and go okay.

So what we to own it yeah, ready: okay, yeah, yes, one, oh yeah! Thank you one and go , yet guys we won and you know what it actually depends on what poses per yoga challenge yeah.

You know, because you guys got some person and sorry kudos, guys end of the video we hope you enjoyed it. I you dreams and Sara Hogan. So thanks guys for commenting on last week’s, video and even back to the event of the week.

Next week, all you have to do is comment on this week’s. Video and the Instagram shoutout goes to Olivia underscore Earnshaw. So thank you so much for liking. Our Ram Dass request videos every Monday on squared and we post videos on this channel.

Every Thursday, so we’ll, see you guys next Thursday

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