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It’s well-known that one can use yoga for a lot of bodily, psychological, and non secular advantages. The observe of yoga offers with awakening and guiding the life power or prana to realize moksha. The trail to this liberation passes by the achievement of well being and self-discipline in all points of your life. Thus, you’ll be able to observe yoga for enhancing your immunity too. Now, there are a lot of many yogic practices that may provide help to try this. This contains asanas, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and even by following the eight limbs of yoga. However right here, we’ll talk about use yoga mudras to assist enhance your immunity.

What’s a Mudra

mudra yoga


Mudra means a seal or mark in Sanskrit. A mudra is a gesture or poses that you just type with principally your arms and fingers. It helps the prana circulate in a specific method by the nadis and interacts with the chakras for particular results. Most yoga mudras are carried out in a static method and together with different asanas. Nevertheless, their impression is highly effective sufficient to strengthen your immunity and normal well being.

The right way to Use Yoga Mudras to Enhance Immunity



The best way mudras have an effect on our physique is already defined in yoga by way of the pranic or vitality system. Our physique consists of 5 parts. Every of the fingers in our arms is related to one on these parts. These are:

  • Jal (Water) – Little Finger
  • Prithvi (Earth) – Ring Finger
  • Akash (Area/Aether) – Center Finger
  • Vayu (Air) – Index Finger
  • Agni (Hearth) – Thumb

By creating completely different gestures with the fingers, one can have an effect on the completely different parts in several methods. Scientifically talking, individuals consider that mudras affect the physique by selective exteroception. The next yoga mudras situation our immune techniques and construct up resistance towards lots of the circumstances that make us extra susceptible to the Coronavirus. Ensure that to incorporate them in your yoga trainer coaching course.

Linga Mudra

LINGA MUDRA!!! Upright Mudra – Catherine Shalini Raja – Happy To Serve

The linga mudra helps in growing the hearth component within the physique. This creates warmth within the physique, which destroys all pathogenic parts. Because the thumb is the hearth element-related finger, this mudra places give attention to it. Doing the linga mudra requires you to intertwine your fingers collectively. The left thumb ought to level upwards whereas the suitable thumb and index finger encircle it. The advantages of this mudra embrace the management of frequent respiratory illnesses like cough and chilly, phlegm, and bronchial asthma. It additionally offers you enhanced vigor and vitality.

Prana Mudra


The prana mudra or mudra of life, because the identify implies, helps in enhancing normal well being and immunity. It invigorates the life power and retains you in peak well being. To do that mudra, contact the ring finger and the little finger with the thumb. They need to level ahead whereas the opposite two fingers will stretch upwards. This mudra helps the physique struggle off ailments. Not solely that but it surely additionally reduces vitamin deficiency, which is vital in growing immunity. One other helpful impact is that it helps you sleep at evening. Since docs opine a great eight hours of sleep is important to remain secure from the virus, that is vital.

Purna Hridaya Mudra

Purna Hridaya means full coronary heart. Thus, this mudra helps open up the guts, or, scientifically talking, the chest cavity. Consequently, you obtain the fullness of breath, which, in flip, helps to breathe in additional air. When that occurs, the oxygenation of cells additionally will increase, which improves metabolic actions on the mobile stage. This boosts vitality ranges and makes it simple for the physique to deploy the immune system quickly when germs assault. You possibly can observe it by holding your arms, palms going through one another and fingers upward, in entrance of your coronary heart. Now interlace your fingers by one another. Stretch the thumbs down and contact the information of one another to type a coronary heart form together with your hand.

Bhramara Mudra


Bhramara means bee. The bhramara mudra is completed by rolling your index finger to the touch its tip to the bottom of the thumb. Stretch the thumb and the center finger ahead in order that their ideas contact over the index over. Hold the ring and little fingers stretched upwards. This mudra helps sort out all types of allergy symptoms and respiratory circumstances. Therefore, it helps cut back your possibilities to catch the COVID virus. In any case, docs have stated that individuals with allergy symptoms are extra susceptible to the virus.

Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra

The prithvi or earth mudra, clearly, stimulates the earth component by the ring finger. That is evident within the nature of the gesture. On this, you must convey the information of the thumb and the ring finger collectively and maintain them with gentle strain. The remainder of the fingers will keep straight out. This mudra has a grounding impact and helps improve the steadiness of the physique techniques. As well as, it improves vitamin assimilation, eases diabetes and ulcer, reduces fevers, and improves blood circulation.

Agni Mudra

Agni Mudra

This mudra will increase the hearth component over the earth component You do that mudra by folding your ring finger to the touch its tip to the bottom of the thumb. The thumb itself ought to press over the center phalange of the ring finger. The remainder of the fingers will stretch out straight. This mudra can improve physique temperature and hearth up the metabolic and immune actions within the physique. It additionally helps management diabetes and levels of cholesterol.

Sankh Mudra

Shankh Mudra | LoveToKnow

The form of the hand on this mudra resembles a conch shell, therefore the identify. This primary step of this mudra includes encircling the 4 fingers of your proper hand round your left thumb pointing upwards. Hold the 4 fingers of the left hand additionally stretched upwards. After that, stretch the suitable thumb as much as contact the tip of the suitable center finger. The advantages of this mudra embrace alleviation of allergy symptoms, throat issues, thyroid issues, and digestion points.

Make Certain Your 200-hour Yoga Trainer Coaching Highlights the Significance of Mudras

Yoga Alliance requires educating mudras within the 200-hour yoga trainer coaching course below the “Meditation” module of Strategies, Coaching, Follow. Due to this fact, each yoga faculty ought to adapt their particular person curricula to incorporate immunity-boosting asanas and mudras.


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