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Seting Good Yoga Intentions For Class [With Examples]

Yoga is gaining a lot of attention from people who want to keep themselves mentally and physically fit. Different yoga poses and techniques can help people get rid of multiple physical and mental problems. If we talk about the health benefits of yoga then this session won’t be enough.

Today I want to share a detailed discussion on yoga intentions for class. If the word yoga intentions are new for you then keep reading. Moreover, if you are a new or professional level yogi you must learn yoga intentions for class to attain the required focus. This article is going to be helpful for all yogis from beginners to professionals.

Yoga intentions for class

The word intention refers to “an aim or plan” we set to achieve a certain goal. But if we dive deep to find its medical perspective you might be shocked to know that its meaning refers to a process of healing. You can set an intention to heal a wound or specific area of your body.

When we talk about setting an intention for yoga class it means the same. You set a strong intention towards the most important factor of your body. You take time to prioritize your demands regarding your health and fitness.

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Setting intentions for the yoga class

For both the teacher and the student it’s the most important part of yoga class. If you are a beginner yogi you might have heard your teacher saying” set up an intention for today’s class”.

But you don’t understand it and start your yoga class with a blank mind. Just like a blank mind, you get zero results because you are not focused. Setting intentions for yoga class brings focus and confidence in you to heal a specific part of your soul and body.

You can only get maximum results from a class if you can touch your soul. Intentions make it possible to take advantage of each second of your class.

How to set your intention?

This is one of the first tasks you often perform in your yoga class. In yoga class, every teacher asks the students to set their intentions. You set your own and proceed with the other steps.

But sometimes your teacher may ask you to share your thoughts and intention with the class. This can be difficult somehow if you have not learned to set yoga intentions.

You start with a deep breathing exercise. Inhale and exhale through your nostril and let the airflow in your lungs. Let your mind take off the charge of all negative thoughts and shake off all unnecessary thoughts. Just focus on breathing.

After a while, you will come across some thoughts. These thoughts will develop into the proper intention. It may take a few moments depending upon your focus strength.

Finally, you have got a pure intention you need to work on. Break this thought into one or two sentences and repeat while performing your yoga steps.

Examples of intentions for the yoga class

You have learned how to make a yoga intention for the class using your raw thoughts and brain strength. But you need to purify these intentions so that you could get the maximum out of your yoga class. We will classify the yoga intentions into multiple classes so that you could better understand them.

Good intentions for the yoga class

You can set good intentions for a yoga class, for example

  • I am happy
  • I am always positive
  • Everyone loves me

This intention makes you feel happy. Your body will respond in two ways either it will support the intention or oppose it. If you are really happy and want to appreciate your happiness then your body will support this intention. You will feel more elasticity in your muscles. Each joint and muscle of your body will support this intention.

But if you don’t feel the same according to your words your body will oppose the intention. When you repeat the same sentence over and over again without developing the exact feelings your body will start opposing it. Your mind takes it as a false statement and your muscles get tightened up. You feel a clear opposition from your muscles, brain cells, and joints.

Realistic intentions for the yoga class

If you feel opposition to the good intentions you can try realistic intentions. Realistic intentions actually help to change the context of the sentence.

For example

  • I have the ability to be happy
  • I can release negative thoughts
  • I am worthy of receiving love and happiness

In the above examples, you see the words” have the ability, can, worthy”. These words transform your whole sentence. You don’t feel the same sentence as a lie or opposite to your feelings and emotions. You send signals to your brain that you want to be happy. You have the ability to stay happy all the time.

In this way, your brain starts accepting this truth and supports your yoga moves. You feel more flexibility in your muscles and joints. You can now enjoy your favorite yoga moves with enhanced flexibility and focus.

Hold your intentions

Some yogis set intentions and perform yoga but then they release it. It’s not a good idea if you want to work on that particular intention. During your yoga class, you have put so much effort to catch that particular intention.

You cannot let it go in this way because it’s so precious. It is one of the most refined thoughts that come into your mind. You have practiced holding this intention and got your yoga class done so smoothly. It is your priority of life you have to find during your yoga class. Just hold your intention firmly and repeat the same sentence throughout the day.

Final Word

Value your intentions as they decide the motive of your life goals. You cannot take a step forward without having a strong intention. Keep your intentions clear and simple to understand.

The more realistic your intention is, the more you can focus on your moves. One last thing, never limit your intentions to the yoga class. Take them with you the whole day and make your dreams true.


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