Yoga Booty Challenge Review by Zoe Bray-Cotton – Is it Really Possible?

Yoga Booty Challenge is a fitness product that comes with beneficial content and provides you a lot of information about fitness. Before jumping to this program review, we need to discuss body fat and then we will move ahead.

So, body fat is not good for health because it may cause many serious health problems. People who go through with fat body, can better understand the pain and have good knowledge about it.

Women are the prettiest creatures on the earth and they are so sensitive about their body and fitness. The perfect body shape makes every woman happy and also reduces many health issues.

Hence, many intelligent personalities have introduced fitness programs to reduce body fat and get a perfect body shape. Some exercises also introduce and spread on the internet to take out obese people from depression and many other health diseases.

It becomes a challenge for obese people and they want to burn their fat quickly. Thus, we are introducing a fitness program which is on trending and people wants to know more about it. The booty fat is not good because it changes your personality.

There are some exercises which help to get good body shape but you need to try a complete course which will help you to get the proper way to burn your booty.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

Yoga burn booty challenge is a program for fitness that comes with facilities and a complete 12 weeks exercise course. There are many fitness products/programs in the entire world, but the owner Zoe-Bray Cotton (creator of yoga burn booty challenge) claims that this is the best program for others.

This quality product is a challenge to lose your body or booty fat and get a beautiful shape within few days. It will make you happy with beneficial facilities. She claims that you can burn your booty within 12 weeks. It is really a short time period and you can get a perfect body shape as you want.

For obese women, it is really like magic which burns their fat quickly and makes them happy. Hence, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is a very popular program and has a good fan following around the world.

Benefits of Yoga Booty Challenge

This fitness product has many benefits for everyone. These are as follows:

  1. After using the yoga burn booty program, you have no need to join the gym. Because all exercises are available in these complete guidelines.
  2. It is helpful for beginners because the exercise starts from the first step.
  3. Each step is very easily explained in it, so nothing is difficult in it.
  4. You have a good chance to burn your booty fat within 12 weeks. This is a short time period but very challenging.
  5. You have no need to waste your money on another program because it comes with a complete process.
  6. The author has designed this product for females. Thus, the females can turn their bodies into perfect shape.
  7. You can set your goal to burn your booty fat. Hence, yoga tutorials are also is a part of this fitness program which helps you to achieve your goal.
  8. You have no need to take extra fitness classes and no need to go for a workout.
  9. It directs you to moves your body parts in the right way and stay for few seconds. Yoga Booty Challenge Review

It looks like magic and obviously, you want to know how it works? How it burns the booty fat? Which plan is used in it? How does it lift your muscles and tone them? All questions are common and everyone wants to know their answers. So, don’t worry and just read this informative article until the end.

How does this challenging program work?

This fitness product/program comes with 12 weeks quick time period. It helps you to maintain the correct form during exercise and movements. Remember, the movements will help you to burn the extra fat from your body and especially from your booty.

All exercises are focusing on your booty and thighs fat which will burn and shape your body in a perfect direction. Moreover, you will learn to move your glute muscles in the right direction and much more.

Yoga Booty Challenge Phases:

There are three phases that are used in the yoga booty challenge. You need to understand all phases. So, these are as follows:

1: The Prime Phase

  • This phase is very important for every beginner because it is helpful. The butt muscles needed a hard workout because they do not show any progress quickly and also require a lot of time.
  • It is the first phase that will help you to warm up your booty muscles like gluteus maximum, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimums.
  • The warming phase can easily burn the fat and helps to reduce it.
  • Moreover, you will prepare yourself in this session for a workout.

2: The Active Phase

  • This second phase contains some exercises. These exercises may help you to set a daily routine for workouts and you can burn the booty fat.
  • You can easily take some break from the busy routine of the day and give some time to your glute muscles.
  • This phase is a little difficult than the first phase because now your body muscles will move and you need to give proper movement according to this course.
  • The exercises of thighs, glute muscles, and booty will increase the fat and you will be relaxed after this section.
  • All exercises are affecting glute muscles and these muscles will burn with the workout.
  • In this way, your glute muscles will be tightened and lifted. So, it is the plus point to get a perfect body shape.

3: The Pump Phase

  • This is the third and final phase which is the most important like the other two phases.
  • So, the pumping phase is necessary to lift your butts. Also, it will shape your butts and makes them perfect as you want.
  • All exercises and movements of this pump phase increasing the blood flow of your buttocks.
  • You will boost your body by pumping it in a better way.
  • Moreover, it may help you to build up metabolism and you will learn about body facts.

Yoga Booty Challenge Review

As it is a very famous fitness program, everyone wants to know it deeply. Its advertisement impresses everyone and all women become flat on it. Many women are using the product to get the perfect body. There are many customers who used it and they are come to give its review. There are some positive and negative reviews of the yoga booty challenge. But no one can understand the product better with such mixing reviews.

However, after a lot of searches, I decided to follow this program and then share my personal experience of the yoga booty challenge. Because we wanted to know whether it is really a challenge and can it fulfills our needs.

My Experience

I ordered the program and then started it in my busy routine of life. I followed it exactly as the method is given in it. At the start, I was really excited to see the last results. All exercises were amazing and I really enjoyed them a lot. But with the passage of time, I feel that it is not working as the author claims.

The first two weeks were nice with the prime phase in which I prepare myself for the exercises and glute muscles movements. I really like the pattern which is described deeply in this program. It is also helpful for every beginner and the women can better understand each and everything.

But I did not feel any change in my body with it. The First 3 weeks were good and after this, the real game started. Because the yoga poses were combined with exercises.

In last week, I feel warmth and intensity in my body close to the booty area. I expected the changes in my body but it totally disappointed me. I follow everything that was needed and described in the program but no change occurred in my booty.

During my experience session, I noticed some drawbacks of the yoga booty challenge. So, I decided to share the yoga booty challenge review.

Important Points for you:

There are few points that are important and I am going to explain you.

  1. As she claims that the booty fat will burn within two days, nothing will happen like that. It is not helpful and cannot work like a magic.
  2. Just 12 weeks is a very short time period given by the author. It requires more time and then you can see a little difference.
  3. You can not follow all exercises in the daily routine of life. It takes too much time of the day to perform all the exercises.
  4. Some exercises are may cause muscle pain and it really hurts.
  5. You have to choose the best time between the morning and evening hours.
  6. If you are a very busy person or doing a job in the office for approximately 8-10 hours, then this is not perfect for you. Because it is not relaxing and you cannot do all exercises well.
  7. Thus, you cannot follow all phases exactly as you need to follow them.

My Opinion on Yoga Booty Challenge

  • To get the perfect body shape with attractive booty, you need to go for a proper workout. You need to join the gym and also do some hard exercises. The proper workout will help you to burn your extra body and booty fat and also it will be helpful for your body muscles. To lift and tight your glute muscles, you should give it a proper time in the daily routine of life.
  • On the other hand, you should follow the diet plan which works better for you. A healthy fat-free diet that increases the energy and stamina level in your body. Hence, you can maintain your workout without any issues.
  • Furthermore, you can use the yoga burn booty challenge programand also add it because it is a really informative source that may help you to achieve your goal.
  • After the first two points, you can follow this fitness product-based session and include it to get information and learn exercise poses. Then definitely it will work and will be effective for you when you put in all your efforts.

Alternatives of Yoga Booty Challenge

There are some alternatives to the Yoga burn booty challenge, so you can replace it well. After reading the whole article, hopefully, you understand each point that we highlight. More easy points are also discussed in the yoga booty challenge review section. So, now you need to move ahead and get something different that can really be helpful for you to get the perfect booty shape.

Think about yourself: You need to take care of your health and need to follow a good diet plan. The proper exercise may help you and healthy food also be good for you.

Use Supplements: Furthermore, there are some diet pills introduced to burn booty fat, lift glute muscles and give them a perfect shape. My opinion is that you need to try Lean Bean diet pills that are really helpful and make you happy with supplementing powers. The supplements can help you better rather than any fitness program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the fitness program work?

Yoga Burn booty challenge is helpful to tighten, tone, and lift glutes. It works well then all other fitness programs. There are plenty of exercises that really challenge your booty and warm it properly as needed. The phases and movements make your booty burn.

2. Is the Yoga booty challenge relaxes my body?

The yoga pattern and movements are really helpful and relaxing. But your muscles will lift and it brings your body in shape as you want.

3. Is Yoga Burn Booty Challenge good for newcomers?

Yes, this fitness program comes with a complete fitness course in which you learn about each and everything among exercises and body movements. All beginners can easily follow it and get information to shape their bodies as well.

4. How much cost of Yoga Burn Booty Challenge?

It is a very low-cost product/program which is available at two prices. One package is available for $37 and the other is available for $57.