What is balancing Yogic Diet According to Tri Guna?

Yoga is a lifestyle that lets you create a union with physique and thoughts. As you start to enter into the world of yoga, a Yogic food regimen turns into a necessary a part of any yoga follow. Nonetheless, it isn’t a plan to beat over weight reduction, however a super option to imbibe the emotional and religious steadiness. Yoga diets are about the way you eat the meals to realize religious objectives. A nutritious diet can also be essential as a lot as the fitting posture for yoga asanas.

Ever surprise what the food regimen of a yogi is like whereas in yoga coaching?

They imagine {that a} nutritious diet is an integral a part of yoga to realize a steadiness between the thoughts, physique, and soul. So the kind of meals you devour has an abrupt impact on you.

Within the philosophy of yoga, consuming the fitting meals is a perfect element to realize emotional and religious steadiness.

The yogic literature speaks the three main gunas, which suggests “tendency of vitality.”

The three Gunas are categorised into rajas, tamas, and sattva. These tri gunas are at all times current in all beings and object surrounding. Nonetheless, they can’t be eliminated, however we people are inclined to act upon to encourage their enhance or lower consciously. A guna might be altered the degrees by means of a nutritious diet plan.

Following are a yogic food regimen in keeping with Tri Guna {that a} yoga practitioner ought to observe.


Tamas is a state of gloom, impurity, and inactiveness. In response to Ayurvedic beliefs, college students who’re prepared to mastery in yoga should keep away from Tamasic meals to realize religious steadiness. The tamasic qualities comprise all unfavorable feelings like disgrace, dependancy, disappointment, and so forth.

In tamasic diets, vitality is diminished and brings inactivity that neither benefiting the thoughts nor the physique. Overeating can also be thought-about as tamasic.

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Examples of Tamasic meals

Fried meals

Stale meals

Junk meals





Frozen and preserved meals


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Rajas is a state of energy, act, rework, and motion. When in extra, rajas can create nervousness, concern, fear, restlessness, braveness, chaos, and so forth. Indulging an excessive amount of Rajasic meals will over-stimulate the physique and makes the thoughts stressed and uncontrollable.

Examples of Rajasic meals: 

Espresso, tea, and different stimulants


Sizzling spices




Spicy herbs


Sattva is a state of concord and steadiness between physique, thoughts, and spirit. The Sattvic is believed to be the purest food regimen, essentially the most appropriate, or those that observe a yoga regime. The sattvic guna contains happiness, peace, focus, self-control, and imbibe all optimistic vitality.

Most yoga trainer coaching faculties observe solely the sattvic means of consuming to be able to prepare college students. Some yoga faculties additionally observe a vegan food regimen to be able to obtain Moksha. Due to this fact, yoga practitioners simply cut back rajas and tamas and thus make liberation potential.  

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Examples of Sattvic meals:


Recent fruit and greens

Natural teas

Milk, butter, and cheese

Nuts & seeds


Entire grains and cereals

Pure fruit juices

In Quick 

Primarily based on the sattva food regimen, it’s conducive to eat contemporary and pure to be able to obtain emotional and religious steadiness. Within the superb yoga food regimen, each Tamasic and Rajasic meals progressively diminished and thus strikes in direction of liberation. Furthermore, the sattva food regimen additionally a path to realize enlightenment.

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