Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review – Does This Training Program Work & Legit?

If you are an athlete and want to increase the height of your jump then this article is for you. We are come up with an amazing program that is designed for athletes especially basketball players who need to increase their jump height.

This program helps to increase your vertical jump in a matter of 8 weeks. You will explore multiple plyometric workouts to shock your central nervous system that encourages your muscles to jump high.

The Vert shock program is designed in a unique way to unleash the potential to jump high. This is a short overview of the Vert Shock Program. Let’s explore more.

The Vert Shock Program Review: What is Vert Shock? 

This program consists of 3 parts that involve multiple strength training and other exercises to improve your muscle strength. It doesn’t only involve strength training but also methods to shock your central nervous system.

Our muscle strength is controlled by the central nervous system. The makers of this program claim that you can increase your hump height up to 3-5 inches at the end of 1st week. After completing the 2nd phase you can increase your jump height around 9-15 inches.Vert Shock Review

No doubt, the achievement varies from person to person depending on your capabilities. Also your initial jump height before using the program matters.

The last phase of the program enables you to maintain your jump height throughout your life, that’s what every athlete wants. For a basketball player, his jump height decides his/her whole career success.

Creators of Vert Shock Program

An NCAA basketball player who has also played for UC Irvine, Adam Folker created the vert shock program. The jump height of Adam Folker was about 14 inches during the early stages of his basketball career.

He started trying to improve his vertical jump by applying various strategies. Finally, he increased his vertical jump to 32 inches and has been named the Big West Scholar-Athlete of the year twice. Adam was also in the Big West Academic All-conference team of 2009-2010.

There is another creator of this program who worked with Adam to make the program perfect for each athlete. Another popular player in the history of basketball Justin Darlington collaborated with Adam.

Justine won the Nike World Basketball Festive Dunk Contest and got everyone’s attention. He won the contest with his 49.9 inches dunk. It is not the highest vertical dunk of Justin because he is known for his 53 inches dunk. Justin started dunking at the age of 17 years.

Justin didn’t do strength training like Adam rather he used to watch various videos of NBA players to investigate the techniques. He found various techniques and started applying them to increase his jump height.

Adam and Justin did their best during their career. They explored and applied techniques. And now they are dedicated to helping passionate basketball players through their life experiences. They put their effort, research, and experiences to make a thorough program for the basketball players of the world.

How does the Vert Shock Program work? 

People avoid online training programs because most of them require weight training. You cannot do weight training at home unless you pay for a gym membership. Beginners and intermediate players would not want to pay additional money to gain a gym membership.

Only professional players would prefer gym-based training programs because they get paid for their games. So they invest in high-end training programs to maintain their performance.

Contrarily, the vert shock program includes various training sessions that require your body weight solely. You just need to download a pdf file to your computer or mobile device.

This is an 8-week program including 41 workouts you need to do on regular basis.

The Vert Shock Program Phases

The creators Adam and Justin divided this program into three different phases. Each phase has its specific significance. You prepare, learn and maintain your jump height after completing these three phases.

Pre-Shock Phase 

This phase plays a vital role in the progress of the program. This phase works like preparing your body muscles for upcoming intense workout sessions.

This phase also assists you in identifying the usage of your muscle fiber. If you perform all the workouts included in this phase properly you can increase your vertical jump around 3-5 inches.

Shock Phase 

You are required to do intense workouts recommended in this phase. This phase lasts for about 6 weeks and by the end of this program, you will be able to increase your vertical jump around 5-9 inches.

This phase includes various strength training and plyometric workouts. You need to do these workouts about 4 times a week to utilize your muscle energy.

This section of the program helps to shock your central nervous system. You learn to use your central nervous system so that you learn to drive explosive energy to your muscle fiber.

Post-Shock Phase 

The last and most important phase of this program. If you want to control your muscle power through your central nervous system then this phase helps you.

This phase helps your muscles activate on your command. By the end of this phase, you will be able to jump high whenever you want. This helps to maintain your vertical jump height throughout your life.

What is Included in the Package? 

The package includes the following features and aspects. It is a thorough program that enables you to achieve your targeted jump height in a short time.

The Jump Start Guide

This is an overview of the program that makes you learn what you will get by the end of this program. It introduces the whole program’s sections and features.

The Vert Shock Program 

This is the main section of this program that consists of three phases. Each phase covers strength training and exercises you need to perform to achieve desired results.

Exercise Video Tutorials 

The last section includes exercises and training but this section helps you perform each exercise through video tutorials. These video tutorials help you to achieve your targeted jump height in a short interval of time.

The Vert Shock Bonuses 

Other than the main sections the vert shock program also offers you some exclusive bonuses. They help you achieve desired results fast.

Jumper’s Diet Checklist

If you want to utilize your muscles you need to improve your diet. Therefore you need to customize your diet too. The Jumper’s Diet Checklist helps you in customizing your diet plan. You learn to add multiple nutritions, and multivitamins to your diet essential for your muscle strength. Sometimes, strength training and muscle building can lead you to various health hazards such as renal failure. But this section helps you keep your body safe and healthy.

Vert Tracker 

You can track your weekly progress with the help of a vert tracker. It is an email program that makes you know about your progress on weekly basis.

Four Vertical Jump Killers eBook

If you want to control the factors responsible for your poor performance then this eBook would help you. This eBook helps to control your performance killing aspects.

Five Dirty Hacks to Jumping Higher eBook

This book is loaded with all the tips and tricks you need to jump high quickly and easily.

The Pros and Cons:


  • This is a comprehensive program that covers each piece of information.
  • It is a user-friendly program that requires you to download pdf files and videos on your computer or mobile device.
  • The exercises and training can be performed without getting a gym membership. The training requires your strength and dedication solely.
  • This program is designed for all from beginners to professionals.
  • Along with the main program you get tips, tricks, and videos from the creators to get faster results
  • You can monitor your program by an email-based tracker.
  • 60 days money back guarantee is everything you need to buy an online program.


  • Not enough science logic behind the porgram
  • The program is full of basketball products promotion

Is it Legit or a Scam? 

The vert shock program is not a scam at all. It is a legit program backed by scientific evidence. It consists of training programs that require no gym equipment. You can perform all the training sessions easily at home without any gym equipment.

This program mainly focuses to shock your central nervous system. It makes you jump high every time you think. This program is split into various sections and parts to make its application easy and useful.

Final Word 

Vert shock program is the overall best training tool for athletes who want to increase their jump height. This program doesn’t require you to pay for expensive gym memberships.

By following the instructions you can achieve your targeted jump height. You can easily increase your jump height without using expensive weight training tools and equipment. Everyone has different stamina and willpower. Also, it depends on your dedication to your career.

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