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Using Props to Elevate the Meditation Experience by Lara Wharton

The very first thing I educate individuals when they’re starting to meditate is that it’s actually essential to be snug. Sitting in discomfort, whether or not as a result of your knee is pinching or your hips are aching, is certain to be distracting, and may result in the thoughts telling us tales about why this ache and that ache are occurring. Notably after we’re simply starting to follow, eliminating as many distractions as attainable is sensible.                   

There is no such thing as a explicit place that’s vital for meditation, so long as you might be snug. That stated, sitting up tall with a straight backbone and open entrance physique can elevate the expertise. I’ll clarify why.                   

Bolster as Meditation Accessory

Our our bodies and minds are mirrors of one another. When a thought sample presents itself in our thoughts, our physique reacts to that thought with motion and/or emotion. The reverse can be true: when our physique displays a selected motion or place, our thoughts responds in the identical means it has beforehand to that specific motion or place. So listening to your physique language and posture can go a LONG means in the direction of influencing the way in which your thoughts capabilities.       

After we are seated upright with our shoulders again, our chest broad and open, in a receptive, assured posture, this triggers to our thoughts that we’re secure, and that it’s time to be alert and concentrate. That is the psychological house we need to inhibit after we’re meditating to calm our nervous system. Then again, if we’re slouched over, defending our coronary heart house with sagging shoulders and a floppy backbone, the physique’s message is that we’re feeling closed, missing confidence, sleepy or uninteresting. Attempt each of those postures proper now, only for two breaths every, and see the distinction in how you are feeling and suppose.                   

The easiest way to have the ability to sit for intervals of time in consolation with an upright backbone is to make use of props corresponding to a cushion or bolster to take a seat on. Elevating your hips above your knees, whether or not you’re sitting on the ground cross-legged or sitting on a chair, will enable you preserve a impartial lumbar backbone and an open chest house.       

Sit Set Meditation Accessory           

We additionally need to have a strong base so we really feel secure to launch our physique weight into the seat to really feel safe and grounded. If you’re sitting on the bottom and your knees are lifting up excessive, you possibly can place cushions beneath your knees in order that they really feel a way of solidity to calm down into. This in time will open up your hips (however actually, there’s no rush!). Ideally, the extra of your base that’s supported the higher, to optimize stability.                   

After I meditate, I image the Buddha sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree simply earlier than he grew to become enlightened. Was he slouched over, sitting sloppily with no intention? Nope (not less than in all the photographs I’ve seen!). He was sitting with dignity and a tender smile on his lips. This posture helps remind and reassure me that every thing is okay each time I arrive on my meditation cushion. Meditating is tough sufficient, particularly at first, so making use of the physique’s posture to assist in any means appears worthwhile to me.


Listen Lightly Meditation Meditate

Lara Wharton, of Pay attention Calmly, is a meditation trainer dedicated to educating individuals on how meditation could make their lives a little bit lighter.

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