The Art of Being: Exploring the Seventh Limb of Yoga

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen 

Dwell Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen 

As I deepen my relationship with yoga, I proceed to return face-to-face with my misconceptions and assumptions concerning the observe. The extra I expertise dhyana, the seventh limb of yoga, the extra I perceive that yoga is about attuning to a state of being, not a state of doing.

What’s Dhyana?

When first studying concerning the 8 limbs of yoga, I used to be taught that dhyana meant “meditation.” Nonetheless, by way of private expertise and reflection, in addition to by studying the work of the Indian author J. Krishnamurti and others, I’ve realized that dhyana has a deeper which means. Meditation, by definition, means to assume deeply, to focus the thoughts for a time period in silence or with assistance from chanting. However, I consider Krishnamurti described it finest: “meditation is choiceless consciousness.” This implies we are able to by no means calculate or management once we will expertise dhyana as a result of it’s one thing that occurs moderately than one thing that we premeditate. It jogs my memory of the idea of grace. Grace isn’t one thing that we pressure, it’s one thing that we should be receptive to. I return to this concept of receptivity usually, reminding myself that…I can solely clear the best way. I can’t attain by way of pressure nor doing. 

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Experiencing Dhyana as Pure Move

Ever discover how the vast majority of our bodily capabilities are unconscious and function on autopilot with out your management?

Yoga helps us return to our pure state of being—a state of “no effort.” Once you entry dhyana you attain a state of heightened presence, the place sure psychological constructs resembling time, ambition, and opposition stop to exist. After we peel again social norms and cultural conditioning, we discover the underlying fact of the character of the life we dwell.

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