First Spiritual Experience of Temporary Enlightenment – Satori

Non secular Experiences of Enlightenment & Self Realization

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

First Satori: Non permanent State of Enlightenment

It was my sophomore yr at Bennington School in Vermont. My sister had come to go to from Maine. Her final day visiting, I used to be very busy with lessons, and conferences with academics.

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

Just a few issues occurred that morning.

One, I used to be ready to fulfill with my sculpture instructor, taking part in hackey-sack with a good friend whereas ready and heard an enormous CRASH behind me. My good friend stated

“wasn’t that your sculpture, Kip?”

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

And certain sufficient, whereas I used to be there, my wood sculpture – animal carvings linked collectively as a cell, a cell which had been hanging for months from the ceiling immediately crashed to little items whereas I used to be standing there!

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

Then as a result of I used to be ready to fulfill with my sculpture instructor, I used to be late to see my Improvisation Tutor, who cancelled the lessons as a result of I missed the session. This was all my fault and I knew it.

My girlfriend was additionally that day accused as being a racist as a result of she stated there was no good final result from any violence (they have been speaking in regards to the Riots in LA within the early 90s in her poly-sci class) And as lots of our music academics have been African-American, it was fairly a sting to her, as a result of immediately she needed to defend herself to everybody (we actually idolized a few of these academics, she was something however racist).

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

None of it being heartbreaking however all of them collectively plus a few different issues left me fairly frazzled, as if I used to be being pushed past my limits of what I may deal with directly (I may very well be fairly anxious to start with)

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

It was like issues have been falling aside round me. (together with my sculpture!) I requested my sister if it was allright if I simply meditated for half an hour and he or she stated certain, went out within the sunny fields whereas I placed on my headphones in my darkish room, sat on the wood ground and closed my eyes…

First Spiritual Experience Of Temporary Enlightenment - Satori

There was an prompt and full acceptance and give up to every little thing that was taking place. I accepted all of it and let it go. Not one thing I actually did, it simply occurred. And in that, this particular person type dissolved utterly and there was simply blackness.

Again then, I knew little or no about meditative states so had no concept what was taking place.

I did not care, as a result of within the absence of me, within the absence of thoughts or physique, there was simply blackness. The whole absence of any stress at any degree. In slowly popping out of this blackness, there was such peace and bliss, so pleasurable but so pure. It was like I used to be experiencing my pure state for the primary time. Like every little thing earlier than this was not pure – was a resistance to this state.

Nothing intense, simply candy, mellow bliss shifting all via me. There was the sensation this physique was so tiny and meaningless and the universe so big and huge. And on the identical time, a deep reference to every little thing. The universe, all and every little thing was not separate from me. I used to be a drop within the ocean. The drop being completely meaningless and the ocean gushing unconditional love, peace and bliss.

I met my sister Kate, she was laying out on the garden. I used to be laughing like somewhat boy. She poked enjoyable at me and I giggled extra, there was no method I may clarify my state so did not actually say something. I simply walked her to her automotive, smoked a cigarrette and stated goodbye as she was driving again to Maine.

My entire world had modified. Immediately, nothing mattered, it was all love, peace and bliss. That was the joke of it. Not some idea, however that was the reality of it, past phrases, past notion or understanding.

I walked over to the eating corridor, acquired my lunch and located my roommate at a desk. Earlier than I ate my vegi burger with cheese sauce, I attempted to clarify to him what had occurred to me.

I used to be making an attempt to clarify how nothing mattered, that it was all love and peace and bliss. That this tiny little self that all of us get so labored up about was meaningless, was tiny in comparison with the vastness of what we actually are.. And since we made this tiny factor essential, we couldn’t expertise the larger image: the large vastness of every little thing that was caring for every little thing. Which very nature was peace, bliss and love. Like an unlimited father radiating love. But, paradoxically, this tiny “me” was not separate from the Father.

My phrases fell on deaf ears. My roommate was in deep struggling over his infatuation with an exquisite lady (often my struggling not his!) In talking to him, I had assumed that simply in explaining the reality to him, he would additionally expertise it and are available out of his struggling. However it was as if what I used to be saying bounced off of him like rain on an umbrella.

I noticed that then and there that I used to be alone in that room. That nobody may hear what I used to be saying. It was fairly an epiphany to comprehend that, and doubtless one of many components why I emphasize CDs like The Calling that may energetically put you right into a state like I used to be in as a result of phrases by themselves may be fairly ineffective.

As a result of everyone seems to be in their very own actuality, caught of their particular person jail and unable to even understand that there’s this vastness of consciousness which they’re part of. That this little actuality that they deem so essential, is so unimportant. An enormous cosmic joke. All of this being stated, the phrases do not contact it. To understand it intellectually is meaningless. However to expertise it, as reality, takes the entire weight off of your life, after which you’re weightless. That’s how I felt – weightless.

It wasn’t me that shifted my consciousness into reality, it was one thing that can not be outlined, name it grace. That is the large thriller. As a result of one second you’re involved together with your little life and the following, you’re one with the vastness and alive in unconditional love and bliss. And there’s no method actually to see how you bought there.

My different epiphany sitting at that lunch desk was that sadly, this new discovered reality was solely momentary. And the mixed stress from everybody round me at an lively degree was bringing down this consciousness, pushing me increasingly again into the person self. I used to be watching this occur. But, there was the acceptance of it and I ate my lunch. Inside a number of hours, I steadily turned this small self once more.

I suppose on some degree, I believed this state would come again afterward, possibly in a number of hours. However the hours turned to days, days to weeks. Weeks to months…

It was a while after that that I discovered within the faculty library a e book referred to as “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. And within the e book it talked about this factor referred to as enlightenment. And I drank each phrase like a person dying of thirst get’s a drink of water.

College did not appear so essential anymore. I puzzled if there have been any of those individuals who have been “enlightened” in the present day, if it nonetheless existed. And I deliberate to fly to India upon commencement and simply stroll round and ask individuals in the event that they knew anybody that had this “enlightenment” factor and the place I may discover them. It was all completely new to me.

It was as if since puberty, I used to be in search of one thing extra, that there needed to be one thing extra. My shrink in Excessive College stated that faculty was the reply. And though faculty was higher than highschool, it nonetheless left me looking out. However immediately I discovered what I used to be trying to find. I hadn’t discovered it, however realized no less than WHAT I used to be seaching for! And this was an enormous aid.

I’m not certain if I associated my expertise above to what Paramahansa Yogananda spoke about in his e book or not. However it was all actually lovely, every little thing was opening up. That spring, whereas my girlfriend frantically labored on her thesis, I lay on her mattress smoking cigarrettes and studying “Autobiography of a Yogi” studying components out loud as a result of I used to be so amazed that this enlightenment factor had no less than existed sooner or later in time.

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