Belly Fat Burning Drinks: Best For Men & Women That Work At Home

Here we will guide you about Belly Fat Burning Drinks, Best For Men and Women At Home That Work anyone can lose weight easily.

Now, this is one of my best topics as I have a natural interest in homemade fat burning drinks and I usually research this myself to get the excellent solution. Is there a solution? You will be happy to know the answer is YES and I am going to show you my own experience and results.


Before I go into what I apply personally I will outline the available choices for you here as what works for me may not work for you and you may not even love what I want.

Having said that, I don’t even prefer the taste of my fat burning drink but I just put up with it because it makes results.

So Let’s Outline The Best Belly Fat Burning Drinks At Home:

Please note that while you are reading this I will be discussing “ACTUAL” solutions to weight loss drinks. All it needs from you is time and dedication.

There is no point in wasting time researching the best weight loss drinks and not taking action. OR saying to yourself “oh that’s a great idea” and use this drink just once or twice and giving up.



If you want results with weight loss drinks you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION and you require to “drink the drink” on a regular basis. Work it into your routine.

Ok, Ok I fully stop rambling on…

Top 7 Homemade Fat Burning Drinks For Men And Women That Work

In no particular order

  1. Cucumber and Grapefruit

For centuries grapefruit for weight loss has been very famous with several celebrities claiming it to aid in weight loss.


There have been multiple postings, of before and after shots proving a decrease in weight loss as a natural weight loss drink. It has come and gone in popularity and back again BECAUSE there is a special way to take this to view results.

To view the weight loss benefits for excellent results it is suggested to take this cucumber and grapefruit drink before meals because the fruit works great with food in weight loss.

Some of them take a step further and actually mix grapefruit with their dinner to get maximum results.


In relation to cucumber outside of its wondrous health benefits, it does play a significant part in weight loss in the shape of getting rid of water maintenance.

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How Do I Get Cucumber and Grapefruit for Weight Loss

What you will need is the following.

1 Cucumber

1 Grapefruit

1 Glass of Water

Slice opens the grapefruit and cut out the program. Wash the cucumber as you are going to use this amount. Next, all you do is chop up the components and put into a blender with the glass of water.

For Best Results

Freeze your weight loss drink as this will cool the drink. Drinking chilled drinks truly speeds up your metabolism because your body has to strive to get the drink up in temperature.

Take this drink 20 minutes before each meal and see the results.

  1. Mint, Lime and Green Tea

I just prefer this one because I personally like MINT, LIME, and GREEN TEA. All three ingredients cut belly fat similar no tomorrow and I am sure you are knowledgeable that green tea is excellent for weight loss. This fat burning drinks has a huge impact on belly fat.


When it comes to green tea most of the products on the store do not cut it for me. I find the taste to be a tiny weak. When I drink something I like a little kick so combining MINT and LIME does it for me.

In the following article, I will go into detail on the top 10 green drinks for weight loss.

Anyway, let’s continue. I like this recipe because I can make a complete jar of this drink and drink it thru out the day as a delicious fresh fat burning solution.

What You Will Need

  1. Green Tea Bag
  2. ¼ Cup Of Mint Leaves
  3. 1 Lime
  4. 1-Liter Bottle Of Water

Boil up a cup of water, but of course, do not throw the green tea bag into the boiling water as this destroys the properties of the green tea itself. You shouldn’t do this with any tea truly as it destroys the health characteristics.


Let the green tea bag sit in the water until cold, you can squeeze the bag to make the most out of it.

Next, take another cup for the mint leaves and 1 lime. Put in together and mash them up.

Next, put the cold cup of green tea into the cup that includes the lime and mint to mix the two together. After this, you can then put the mixture into your water jar and top up to the brim and use your drink thru out the day.

Some people love NOT to mash up the lime and mint as they get it too powerful but as you know I love a punch and to maximize my results.

  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea for weight loss completely works. However, it works great when you apply ginger in powder form. Over the years there have been lots of scientific research and the results point to a positive step for weight loss.

For example, rats that were fed a high-fat food and supplemented with ginger powder for four weeks had important decreases in body weight and vital improvements in HDL, healthy cholesterol levels compared to rats that were fed the equivalent high fat diet without ginger powder. This fat burning drinks has great results.


Ginger powder improves the thermic impact of food (the number of calories required to absorb and digest food.

So there you have it, directly drinking ginger tea in the powdered form will lose weight for you.

  1. Lemon And Honey Tea

Another excellent homemade fat burning drink and probably one of the reliable on the list is simply LEMON and HONEY tea. Particularly the first thing in the morning. On top of the tea having excellent weight loss advantages, honey and lemon tea is a really powerful body cleanser.

The cleansing characteristics of this homemade fat burning tea kill all toxins from the body and work as a digestive aid by producing an overall calming impact on the stomach.


Not only that but when you drink this tea in the morning you would feel like fresh. There are many benefits of drinking honey and lemon tea. I will formulate a post on this at a later date.

Before I continue you might be interested in understanding that lemon and honey tea in is an outstanding hangover buster.

How to Make Lemon And Honey Tea

This is really simple to make. Simply apply your recommended “tea”. Take your water to the boil and let cool for several minutes. Mixed one teaspoon of your desired honey, stir until melted. NEXT, add a teaspoon or your desired number of squeezed lemon to the tea and use.

I would extremely suggest drinking this tea every morning as it will provide you a kick and get you strong for the day on top of its weight loss benefits.

I know we all like drinking coffee in the morning but as you know with drinking coffee there gets the crash. Having said that drinking BLACK coffee first thing in the morning is the best way to lose weight.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

NOW here we have it, this is my all-time best and one I drink almost all day. I individually don’t love the taste but I put up with it for its advantages. Apple cider vinegar for weight loss has numerous benefits and one I love in special is digestion. This is a fat burning drinks worth usable.


After that heavy meal, cramps or if I have an unfixed stomach I down a glass of apple cider vinegar certainly diluted in water and it sorts me right out.

Several of the benefits of apple cider vinegar is also backed by science. Let me point some out here. Some include,

Let Me Get Into Some Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Helps You Lose Weight And Decrease Belly Fat

Studies have proved that apple cider vinegar does certainly burn the belly fat. Clearly, results are much excellent if you put this into your fitness routine. However, just drinking apple cider vinegar on its own will burn the fat.

A study has confirmed that 1 tablespoon a day lost 2.6 pounds of fat over a 3-month duration. 

2 tablespoons daily lost 3.7 pounds of fat.   

So as you can view drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss truly does work and I can stand by this. It’s my product 1 go to.

  1. Lowers cholesterol and increases heart health
  2. May preserve you against cancer
  3. Fights diabetes and lowers your blood sugar levels
  4. Kills many types of harmful bacteria


When to drink apple cider vinegar?

Numerous people consider drinking apple cider vinegar after meals but this really dilutes the impacts of drinking apple cider vinegar.

The real-time to drink this is 20 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach. Drinking apple cider vinegar 20 minutes before meals really assists you process food.

How Much Should I Drink?

After listening all the benefits wouldn’t it be an excellent Idea to drink loads of it?. NOP. Everyone is changed and everyone reacts differently so the greatest approach to consider is to start tiny and develop yourself up to levels you are satisfied with.


The recommendation is, 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water and this is enough. This is all I also take.

What is the best Apple Cider Vinegar to purchase?

By far the best apple cider vinegar for weight loss is ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and that can be discovered here

  1. Coconut Oil

Another popular homemade fat burning drink is, of course, coconut oil. I am sure you have listened to this multiple times before. I started drinking and eating coconut oil about 10 years ago. Not only that but I apply coconut oil on my skin and sometimes hair before diving into the shower.

The advantages of coconut oil are exceptional and I will go into this in more detail at a later date.


Did you know that coconut oil is the world’s most helpful fat that includes a different combination of healthy fatty acids with powerful impacts on metabolism? Multiple studies show that adding coconut oil to your tea or food can assist you to lose fat and particularly the harmful fat that is in your stomach.

So how do I use coconut oil as a tea to lose belly fat?

Surprisingly it’s really straight forward. Just get a teaspoon complete and move it into your favored “hot” beverage. It can be coffee; it can be your option of “tea”.

I individually put it into green tea to prepare a dual benefit or into a cup of coffee. Be warned, drinking coconut oil will provide you a tremendous boost in energy J.

There are times when I have time I go about performing “bulletproof coffee”. This takes life to a completely different level and I will go into this on a later date.

Coconut oil can provide you an upset stomach if you eat or drink a lot of it at once so just take it simple.

Out of everything I have stated so far. My GOTO solutions for homemade fat burning drinks are apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

  1. Lemon and Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

Ok so if you have been looking to cut your belly fat then lemon and aloe Vera will do the deal. Both are very challenging to drink I am sure you can believe but you just have to put up with it. Drinking this for weight loss does the trick.

This is what you will require

1 lemon

2 scoops of aloe vera

1 glass of water


Wash the lemon as you will really blend this in its fullness with the aloe vera. Once done easily strive and squeeze out the juice into a cup and enjoy.

I believe you liked this article on the 7 best homemade fat burning drinks. Each and everyone will cut the fat and produce results.

All you have to do is take action. Choose one weight loss drink from up and stick with it for a month and you will notice and feel the benefits. You can, of course, try many drinks if you get fed up drinking the same old thing.

If I Were You

If I were you I would just choose one or two and use it into your regular routine and not even consider “trying” to lose weight. Just drink your taken preference and forget about it.

What I manage to do is drink my apple cider vinegar in the morning, the first thing and throughout the day have a tea with coconut oil in it. That easily does the trick for me.

If you found this review to be of significance please share it or leave a comment. In time I will reply to the list.

Eight (08) Fat Burning Drinks Recipes You Should Try At Home

Stomach fat is one difficult cookie. It’s really stubborn and needs the persistence to get rid of.

As a matter of fact, no matter where on your body fat is, as long as you’re ready to put in the effort you can get rid of it, in this case, you can gain a flat stomach.

In this program, you’re going to read about 8 fat burning drinks that can assist to speed up the fat burning process.

Note: People truly lose weight by simply juicing only, but if you need better results it’s enough to mix juicing with good eating and regular exercise.

These homemade flat belly drinks will definitely assist to speed up your metabolism and burn fat while you sleep.

  1. The Energy Booster

This one is produced with ingredients that have zero to just several calories. Prepared with dietary fibers and vitamins it will assist to keep you excited while working on stubborn belly fat.

What you will require

1 cucumber

1 cup of green cabbage

1 dash of turmeric

1/2 cup of pineapple slices

1/2 of water

1 cup of spinach

How to make it

Mix all ingredients together in a blender. You can even squeeze a tiny lemon to add additional antioxidants and zest.

  1. The Apple Blaster

Apples are very important when it comes on to fat loss, particularly when you add another natural ingredient.

For example, when you mix ginger it enhances the thermogenic impact which speeds up fat burning.

What you will require

2 apples

3 carrots

1 grated ginger

2 stalk of celery

1/2 of cup water

How to make it

Juice all the ingredients one by one and then blend them all in 1 cup. You can add 2 cubes of ice to help chill.

  1. The All-Rounder

Not only will this support to melt belly fat but it will also improve your skin and hair.  The major active nutrient in this recipe is Vitamin C which will make all of the multitasking.

What you will require

1 lemon

1 cup of water

Handful of spinach

1 small thumb of ginger, grated

How to make it

First, mix the ginger and spinach along with water. Then you’re going to put the juice into a clean glass and squeeze the lemon, mix, and drink.

  1. The Morning Kick starter

Change up your breakfast with this beneficial drink that will support to kickstart your day while burning belly fat.

It’s stuffed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you satisfied for a long time.

What you will need

2 tbsp of oatmeal

1 cup of non-sweetened almond milk

1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

1 tsp of honey

1 peeled carrot

How to make it

Mix all the ingredients in the blender and mix them.

  1. Lower Belly Fat Blaster

For those persons who are treating with stubborn belly fat, this one is a no-brainer. Drinking this juice will enhance calorie burn even when you’re inactive.

Why you will need

1 lemon

1 glass of water

2 scoops of aloe vera

How to make it

Mix all the ingredients collectively including the lemon peel. Try and squeeze out the juice of the lemon in a glass with 2 cubes of ice. Drink and use!

  1. Zesty Fat Burner

Feel similar you want to snack? Then drink this juice when you’re having raging food desires.

It’s packed with a bunch of fiber and will surely keep you satisfied until you’re ready for your next meal.

What you will need

3 slices of pineapple

1 lemon

1 glass of water

1 tbsp of flaxseed

Mix all of the ingredients collectively and make sure to drink it without striving, so that you get all the fiber-rich nutrients.

  1. Green-Ginger Tea

As the name recommends you’re going to mix these fat burning powerhouses.

Ginger is natural detoxifiers that will simply kick start your metabolism for the day. Lemon is a well-known fat cutter stuffed with vitamin C and antioxidants.

What do you require?

1 small ginger

1 cup of water

1 green tea teabag

1 lemon

How to make it

Instead of mixing or juicing you’re going to boil the ginger in the water for approximately 5 minutes then you’re going to put it in a cup with the green tea bag.

Sip and enjoy!

Bonus: A Super Delicious Fat Burner

If you like strawberries then you’re going to like this combination. Check out the picture here for the recipe.

Why you should juice

The huge benefit is that your body consumes the nutrients much quicker than if you eat healthful foods. Moreover, you can try with a variety of foods that wouldn’t usually be eaten around the dinner table.

It doesn’t only strive for weight loss, it also detoxifies and restores your body.

Additionally, it doesn’t require too much work as all you have to do is clean ingredients well and apply the juicer.

A several of the recipes before mentioned might want a blender but it’s well worth the effort.

Add some of these fat burning drinks to your regular routine and you’ll surely observe and feel the change.

The road to losing weight, particularly stomach fat, can be such a depressing process, particularly when you have to deal with stubborn belly fat. But it is probably to cut off a muffin top even while you relax. We have to share many bedtime drinks that will assist burn stomach fat quicker:

Ten (10) Bedtime Best Belly Fat Burning Drinks Which Help In Burning Stomach Fat

“Both belly bulge and love titles are about excess body fat, not loss of muscle… The right way to overcome these problem areas is to decrease your overall body fat section, and we all know that that needs diet and exercise.” – Jillian Michaels

  1. Cucumber Juice

Juice raw cucumbers for a delicious and healthy bedtime drink. Add water as wanted if the cucumber mixture is too hard to drink “straight”.

To make the drink delicious, squeeze some lemons and grated ginger on the juice before drinking. Drink this each night for a month and you will see your stomach fat cutting.


Cucumbers are very low in calories but filled with antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins that fight for weight loss.

An intake of cucumbers in excess amounts won’t have you getting the pounds. Instead, it encourages the body level off its blood sugars and boosts hydration.

  1. Lemon And Cucumber Juice

Do you see how some restaurants provide water with slices of lemon? Drinking lemon water gives heaps of benefits, including dropping stomach fat.

A study written in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine explained that people who drank lemon juice four times a day while starving reduced their body fat mass and increased their lipid profile.

To make your bedtime lemon drink feel better and be more productive, mix the fruit with two cucumbers, an orange, and a pitcher of water. Add honey to taste and decorate this drink with mint as well, if you love.

  1. Cucumber And Cilantro Drink

Here’s another drink packed with antioxidants that will assist flush the toxins and bad fat from your body. Mix cucumber, a cup of cilantro (or fresh parsley), lemon, and half a glass of water in a blender.


Sprinkle the drink with grated ginger and a tablespoon of Aloe Vera water. Let this blend sit for several minutes before drinking it all the way down.

  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger has widely-known medicinal features but a study written in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences announced it also works efficiently against obesity.

Drinking ginger tea before bedtime also encourages the body to consume nutrients better. Additionally, it aids in food digestion and alleviates stomach trouble (particularly if you’ve had a bad meal a few hours before going to bed).


If you want to make ginger tea delicious, squeeze in few lemons and mix a tablespoon of honey to your drink. You can also make it into iced ginger tea if you’re drinking this mixture during the summer.

  1. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple adds positive value to your weight loss aims because it’s an antioxidant, low in calories and loaded in fiber.

According to the Joslin Diabetic Center, fiber-rich foods and drinks make you feel satiated without combining to your stomach fat.


Like lemon, a glass of cold, tasty, and newly squeezed pineapple juice is always delightful. However, you can use this as a hot and soothing drink instead. Mix or squeeze pineapple juice with lemon.

Add some slices or chunks of pineapples to your drink, if you love. If the fruit is sweet sufficient, you won’t require to add honey.

  1. Strawberry With Lemon And Herbs

Strawberries and other berry extracts have phytochemical resources that aid in food and preserve the body from cancer and heart disease, according to a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food.

This fruit has ingredients which prevent the hormones that trigger inflammation, boost blood sugar levels, and hinder weight loss.


Juice a lemon or lime and join a few slices of the peels into the cup. Then cut up strawberries and add herbs such as mint and tarragon into the mixture.

Put hot water over it and let this mix settle collectively. Remove the lemon or lime peels and shift the mixture to a bottle. Pour cold water and ice and then add honey, depending on your choice. Drink away!

  1. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is helpful in reducing stomach bloating, heartburn, and other forms of stomach upset.

As a natural diuretic, dandelion tea also supports flush out water weight so you would feel lighter after having a cup at bedtime.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea’s chemical composition is so complicated that even specialists debate on its health benefits.

But scientists from Japan said, in a 2017 study written in the journal Nutrients, that drinking green tea before bedtime can help good sleep quality among middle-aged people.


The caffeine content discovered in green tea is low, so it maintains the body becomes more comfortable. And if you sleep good, you can raise your metabolism better to stop weight gain.

But there’s an added benefit to this drink. Because green tea is an antioxidant, it also helps in weight loss and cutting down that hated stomach fat.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Juice

Whether freshly produced or bought in stores, apple cider vinegar juice gives multiple health benefits.


As it has antibiotic and antibacterial resources, this drink can assist with stomach upset, bacteria-causing diarrhea, and intestinal spasms. Add one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.

If you love, you can mix this with lemon juice and several slices of fresh apple.

  1. Grapefruit And Cinnamon Juice

People who like detoxifying food essentially eat or drink grapefruit because it’s hydrating and filling. Apart from that, it’s packed with nutrients and benefits with metabolism.


Grapefruit juice may also be freshly blended or store purchased. Extract at least half a glass from this fruit, which will be combined to a syrup mixture.


You can prepare the syrup by mixing a glass of water, sugar to taste, and cinnamon sticks. Let this mixture simmer in a pan for few minutes before adding the grapefruit and cold water in a pitcher. Garnish the drink with mint.

Final Thoughts

These drink recommendations are so simple to prepare. You can adjust or add more healthy ingredients to any of these bedtime drinks to your choice.

If consumed daily, you will soon observe the impacts of the drinks on your stomach fat. Learn, positive thinking and the will to lose weight is all you have to achieve your stomach fat weight loss purposes!

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