Example of Using Spirituality and Grief Work with Children and Adolescents

Instance of Utilizing Spirituality and
Grief Work with Kids and Adolescents

Grief Work
Whereas the literature on using spirituality with youngsters
in counseling is restricted, a big a part of that literature seems
to concentrate on the difficulty of grief and the methods spirituality may be
integrated in working with grieving youngsters. Bereavement causes non secular ache and challenges one’s assumptions
about life (Leighton, 2008).Non secular development happens when
people reexamine and reconstruct their values and
meanings of life.This job can specifically be troublesome for
youngsters and adolescents since they’re nonetheless within the technique of
bodily, emotional, and psychological development when a loss
happens and they’re compelled to develop bereavement capabilities as properly.
Cox (2000) pointed to the various losses that youngsters expertise, which vary from a damaged toy to mates transferring
away to lack of a member of the family.The writer argues that loss
can be utilized to facilitate development and spirituality in youngsters.
Kids can use their sense of spirituality to handle their
grief as a substitute of the extra widespread and unhealthy methods of
coping similar to denial, anger, and guilt.This coping skill is
developed when adults put together youngsters for losses that they
are going to expertise of their lives by acknowledging that
loss has/will happen, enable youngsters to overtly categorical their
emotions in regards to the loss by way of phrases, play, arts or different
mediums, and assist.

Andrews and Marotta (2005) examined the position of spirituality as a coping mechanism in youngsters who’ve misplaced a
major caregiver. They collected qualitative information within the
type of semi-structured interviews from six youngsters who
had misplaced a member of the family within the 18 months previous to the start of the examine. The kids had been between the ages of
4 and 9 as a way to management for varsity and developmental elements. The researchers concluded that the relationships that the kids had with God, the deceased, different
relations, and their friends was the simplest instrument
in dealing with their grief. The researchers additionally really helpful that counselors who work with grieving youngsters
change into accustomed to play remedy and study their very own
cultural values about spirituality and grief.
Dillon (2006) reported that youngsters who had been concerned in
spiritual actions similar to prayer and worship had been extra
aware of grief remedy in comparison with those that weren’t.
Andrews (2004) steered non secular approaches for working
with grieving youngsters similar to metaphorical play, using
linking objects to attach with the deceased, discovering
which means within the loss, and creating a relationships with
different adults or a better energy.
Extra lately Good, Willoughby, and Busseri (2011)
described youngsters’s faith and spirituality as being necessary mediators of stress. Different authors have discovered that
youngsters’s membership in spiritual communities promotes
youngsters’s resilience and properly being by fostering social integration and assist (Holder, Coleman & Wallace, 2010)

Shelley A. Jackson. Kids, Spirituality, and Counselling. American Journal of Utilized Psychology. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2012, pp. 1-5.
doi: 10.11648/j.ajap.20120101.11 

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