Dragon Pose Yoga – Its Different Styles and Benefits

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dragon pose yoga

Maintaining a busy routine life is not a difficult task for most people to remain fit and healthy. With dragon pose yoga you can get the best shape of your body and remain fresh all day.

It is the yin yoga style that deeply applies natural pressure and opens the hip and groin. Not only this, but it also helps to target the hip flexor and quads. With dragon pose yoga it relives your body pain like pain in the legs or the hips. It will help you to relieve the tightness in the body parts.

While during dragon pose yoga, make sure to go slow down for the posture and you need some support from props to do it in a relaxed way. There are a variety of variations of this yoga, but you need to choose the variation according to your needs and aims.

Dragon pose yoga directly targets the stomach part, also it will target the spleen, liver, gall bladder, also it will target the kidney part and urinary bladder.

Best Step By Step Guide For Standing Dragon Pose Yoga:

  • Choose a position from the top of the table, make sure your right leg is between your hands, also right knee is just above your heel.
  • Your left knee will be lower to the floor. You need to push your front foot into the floor.
  • Make sure your hands are on either side of the front foot or blocks if you feel it is needed.
  • Also, keep this position three to five minutes long.
  • When you feel tired, you need to move back your knee forward and tuck your toes efficiently. It will help you step back easily in a table position.
  • After this, you need to repeat this posture to the other side.

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What Is The Dragon Pose Yoga Benefits?

You will get amazing results from the dragon pose yoga. It will give you a variety of effective benefits which keep your body fit and strong. This dragon yoga pose will give you benefits in both physical and mental aspects. If you successfully doing all the postures of dragon yoga, then it will affect you emotionally, energetically, and mechanically.

Mechanically- The dragon poses help you to get relieves from hip pain and also it is the hip openers. Surprisingly, it also gives positive results to target the flexor of the hip from the back leg position. It will also help you to amazingly relieve the pain of the sciatica, give you the best hip mobility and during a pose, you will feel stretching quadriceps.

Energetically- The dragon pose performs an amazing job to stimulate the body parts like the spleen, liver, stomach, and kidney channels which are the earth elements.

Emotions- In terms of mind and emotions, dragon yoga provides lots of benefits that enhance your balance and endurance.

What Is Flying Dragon Pose Yoga?

To do flying dragon pose yoga, you need to start twisting your hands to the left. After this, you need to put your hands on the floor, make sure your shoulder-width apart efficiently. You need to put gently weight on your hands, and then slowly lift your legs.

After all these steps, you need to focus on your right foot and make sure it will be high on the right arm. After lifting the right foot, you need to lean forward and apply gentle weight on both of your hands.

With the help of your hands, you need to find a 45-degree angle to lift your hips. Make sure your right triceps is up on your right foot, and lift your left leg and move it in the right direction.

With the help of the left elbow, you need to lift your left hip in the start and get support from the core instead. After managing this pose, you need to hold maximum fie breaths, or according to your stamina before switching sides.

Best And Easy Guide For Komodo Dragon Pose Yoga:

  • For komodo dragon pose yoga, you need to face down to the floor and inhale.
  • Make sure your right foot is outside of your hand and then exhale
  • Place your foot and make sure they are in front of the mat, and focus that your toes are in the same line with your fingers.
  • Using the right knee to bent at a 90-degree angle and make sure your toes are at 45 degrees.
  • Then you need to spread your palm out on the floor.
  • The main thing in this pose is to focus on your head and make sure your head is in relax position.
  • Also, focus on your hips to not sag towards the floor.
  • After managing this position, you need to take five deep breaths.
  • When you are tired from this pose, you need to straight your hands first.
  • Then inhale and step back to the beginning position.

How To Perform A Winged Dragon Yoga Pose

  • You need to align your knee on the floor first.
  • Take five breaths and balance your shoulders.
  • You need to extend your left leg with your left foot like a curl and place your left knee on the mat.
  • Place your right leg and bend it with your right foot. After managing the lunge, you need to bring out your right hand from the right foot.
  • You have to place your elbows on the floors and bending them with the torso.
  • You need here to put your alignment like a winged dragon. This pose will allow your hips deeper and tighten your thighs as well.
  • You need to do it gently with a calm and relax position and then take a breath.
  • To release this posture, you have to bring the right thigh first which is closer to your hips. Take out the forearm.
  • After these steps, you need to stabilize your body position here and repeat postures to the different sides.

Basics Steps Guide For Twisted Dragon Yoga Pose

  • You need to go to the base pose of the winged dragon posture.
  • After placing your right hand, you need to gently move your body weight to the left elbows and the left shoulder to get relax position.
  • Release your right hand and with the help of your right hand, you need to push your right hip.
  • Rest your right hand on the inner knee.
  • In this step, you need to exhale and gently twist your chest part and then inhale.
  • By gazing you need to complete this posture.
  • While in position, you need to take care of your pelvis, hips, thighs, and ankles.
  • Take four to five deep breaths in this alignment and remain calm with your body.

How To Perform Best In A Baby Dragon Yoga Pose:

You have to focus on your hands to perform well in the baby dragon pose. To begin with this baby dragon pose, you need to put your right foot in a position that your hands are behind your right foot.

Your right knee makes sure is above the right heel. Slightly slide back to your left knee as much it is possible for you. But make sure your body is in relax position.

If you are not using a mat, then you can take a towel or any blanket to place it under your left knee. You can also use blocks if you want for supporting. After this, you need to take a deep breath for four to six minutes.


To make your body fit and stretchable dragon pose yoga are best for you. There is a variety of dragon pose yoga which are really helpful for you. Yoga will help you to burn your fat level in your body and give you a strong body shape, which everyone wants in their life.

A detailed and easy guide helps you to perform best with different variations of dragon pose yoga. You don’t need to go search for other information about dragon yoga pose because you will find every step here.

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