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Here we will guide you about couples yoga poses which will be very helpful for you to learn in depth about yoga.

Hi everyone I’m Sarah and today on surviving yoga. I’ve got my friend Eva here from get fit in the city and we are so excited because we’re gonna. Do some partner yoga, for you, come to a comfortable seated position back to back with your partner start to push into your partner’s back inhale and exhale deeply start to feel your partner’s breath the movement of their spine.

The movement of their ribs and start to match your inhales and exhales. Once you’ve mastered this sink. You can reverse the motion start to feel your partner’s inhale as you exhale, coming into sync, with your partner before you start to practice, will help you communicate and stay focused throughout the entire sequence.

Keeping your eyes closed. We’re gonna move into our first stretch. Interlace elbows with your partner and the first partner will start to lean forward, as other partner stretches over their back the top partner relaxes their spine relaxes their head and lets their whole body hang heavy.

While their partner supports them to switch, both partners will come up to Center and then gently reverse the motion. The top partner allows their body to hang heavy head relaxed, breathing, normally.

Both partners will inhale back to Center. Take a few to sync. Your breath, before moving on to your next, pose to begin our reclined twist seat yourself back to back with your partner. Each partner raises their inside arm slightly shifts their body to the outside, while twisting around their partner’s body next step.

We’ll move into double downward facing dog. Both partners set up in downward facing dog one directly in front of the other. The front partner will start to lift their feet onto their partner’s, back placing them directly on their sacrum.

Pushing up and out start to relax into the pose pushing into your fingertips and out, through your heels, by applying pressure onto your partner’s back. You will help them to move into a deeper downward dog stay here for five breaths until slowly.

Releasing the pose both partners relax into a gentle child’s, pose next up. We’re, going to move into a simple AcroYoga partner, pose the partner on the ground, will plant their feet firmly onto the standing partner’s.

Hip joints from here, the partner on the ground will slowly begin to straighten their legs. Well, the second partner begins to fly into the air. If you are the partner in the air be sure to keep your entire body engaged stay here, and both partners breathe deeply until you’re ready to come out of the pose to exit the partner on the bottom, we’ll.

Slowly begin to bend their knees as the partner on top lowers their feet to the floor. To close our practice, we’re, going to give our partner a nice long, assisted relaxation. So your partner is going to come into spa sauna and from here we’re gonna gently start to apply pressure to their legs, giving them a gentle massage all down their lower body, allowing them to feel the heat from your body on their Body your skin, on their skin from here, we’re, going to come into a deep, squat and gently, lift their legs off the floor, pulling them slightly, giving them some traction in their hip joints.

Just move their legs gently from side to side before slowly, lowering them back down to the floor. From here we’ll, move to the upper body again, giving them a gentle massage down each arm, allowing them to feel your body and your skin on there giving them a gentle hand massage when you reach their fingertips, for the end Of our relaxation, we’re going to move up to our partners head start to breathe deeply, so they can hear your breath and gently begin to massage their temples, and you can also use your fingers to gently massage the back of their neck from Here we’re, going to cradle the back of their head, supporting their spine and just again give their neck a little bit of traction.

Gently swing it side to side before letting it back down on the ground and continuing to massage. To finish, this, relaxation gently apply pressure to your partner’s, shoulders before leaving them to finish their relaxation in peace, that was so nice and relaxing, and the thing about partner yoga is when you find a partner and work with them.

You can build trust and really explore. Now. Don’t forget to check out IVA series get fit in the city. She did an amazing partner workout with me, and she really kicked my butt be sure to check out all the videos below we will you next time.

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