Cost For Yoga Teacher Training

How Much Does It Cost For Yoga Teacher Training

Being a healthy body is a true blessing for you, but with this blessing, you need to properly work on it, to make your body fit and fresh. Yoga is one of the highest-paid careers which makes your body and mind healthy.

If you are trying to pursue your career in yoga teaching then you are in the right place where you can easily find the cost for yoga teacher training. But keep in mind, for an experienced yoga teacher you must to need to complete a 200- hour session of training.

On the other hand, if you want to hire a yoga teacher which gives you yoga classes then also you are in the place where you get deep details about YTT. Through yoga, you can enhance your mental, emotional, and physical position to achieve your success in the coming life.

What is yoga?

It is a discipline session where you can boost your mental and physical health decently. In yoga, you get practices of spiritual and physical disciplines with a group of people. After completing all the practices, you get control of your mind easily, and then you can lead your practical life efficiently.

What do yoga trainers do?

It means you will get services from specialized and professional yoga instructor which makes your body fit and healthy through yoga practices. They teach you about the correct pose of yoga techniques, because if you are doing wrong in posture then it will not give any positive impact on you.

So, they teach you that how to execute correctly each yoga pose. Besides this, the yoga instructor will teach you the best ways to make your mind healthy and fresh in any condition.

But there are various types of yoga and also it has different variations, so it’s quite challenging to cover all these variations. The yoga instructor will help you to cover all these yoga variations one by one.

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Different types of yoga

Yoga has numerous benefits for your body as well as your mind. Chakras, Bikram, kundalini, hot yoga, and restorative yoga are the main types of yoga, which you can learn from a professional yoga instructor.

There is also hybrid yoga which includes aerial yoga and Katonah yoga. Yoga instructors are well trained in these types of yoga practices and you can learn efficiently to make your body and mind healthy.

Can you depend only as a yoga teacher?

For this, you need to become an experienced yoga teacher so that you can earn an efficient income. At the first, you need to teach your students as maximum possible for you and can charge them with lower fees.

But after time when you gain more experience in it, then you can increase your cost as a yoga instructor. According to an American yoga research report, it says:


  • That only 29% of yoga instructors rely on their income of yoga teaching classes.
  • 30% of yoga instructors are doing this profession as a part-time job, so they can earn to live their life.
  • Only 33% of yoga instructors are doing this job as a part of their hobby which makes them happy.

4 reasons which tell you that why yoga teaching is expensive

1. Price per hour

if you are getting training from an experienced yoga teacher, then it will charge you around $17 per hour of training. It is looking like a decent amount for everybody to learn from the experienced instructor of yoga.

2. Cost according to expertise in yoga practices

There are different levels of yoga teachers who taught you practices of yoga according to their expertise level. The main topics covered in every yoga teacher training are:

  • The practice of Asana.
  • Adjustments during yoga sessions.
  • Anatomy
  • Philosophy

But keep in mind, some yoga teachers offer more and some offer less. The above points are covered in every yoga training. For a single part of the curriculum, at least one or two teachers of yoga are assigned to you to learn yoga practices easily.

3. It is a kind of investment

The main thing about the high cost of yoga teacher training is that it is an investment. According to your specific training teacher of yoga, will cost you high. Because there are different courses of yoga practices and you choose them according to your needs or with your budget.

4. Quality cost

You can now find more yoga teachers training because everyone wants to become a yoga instructor as a part-time job. If you want to earn more money through the yoga teaching profession then you need to invest more in it.

For example, if you are going to hire any yoga instructor they will charge you according to their skills. If you want to hire a professional yoga teacher then it will cost you high because of its quality training of yoga practices.

Online yoga teacher training courses

In any pandemic situation or for your easiness, there are also different types of yoga teacher training which you can take from your home or any place you want. Fortunately, it is a good step for many yoga studios to take yoga teacher training virtually.

Without comprise with your safety, you can become a professional yoga trainer from your home. You already know, that it’s not the same classes as in the actual studios but it is worth your money and your time as well.

Without wasting your time, you can at least try these offers from yoga studios to become an experienced yoga teacher training. The cost of online yoga teacher training is around $350 -$400, but it depends on om your choice that what type of yoga school you want to work with.


Now you get all details regarding the cost of yoga teacher training programs. You can choose your program according to your safety levels, whether you choose to work in yoga studios or choose online courses but both will work well for you.

There are some reasons which you already know that why yoga training is so much expensive in many regions. But after taking experience from a professional yoga instructor, you can also train your students as well.

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