Bleeding Hemorrhoids And Menopause

Bleeding Hemorrhoids And Menopause – Tips Every Women Need to Know

Some people think that there are lots of diseases which cant be fully cured either in a natural way or through education. As you grow above 45 years of age then your hormones will go weak, as it is a natural process especially in women’s.

But when you make habit of exercising and take healthy foods, then surely it will boost your body which can give you power. On the other hand, when women are above 50 years of age then they face Menopause which is a natural process.

There is no bonding with your diet routine. At this age, the hormones of your body will fluctuate and cause the changing in your body. All the women will go through the same procedure in elderly ages.

What exactly are Hemorrhoids?

The other name of hemorrhoids piles, which are the normal part of the person’s anatomy. The commonly thinking about hemorrhoids is symptomatic hemorrhoids that become only inflamed, causing prolapse of tissues, also it will cause excessive bleeding, severe pain, and also cause itching.

All these symptoms will develop when the rectum or anal canal blood vessels become swollen or not in normal working. The major chance of this swelling is the only result of increased pressure with the movement of the bowel. It can be due to childbirth and lifting some heavyweights which your body can’t afford the weight.

Furthermore, there are only two types of hemorrhoids, one is internal hemorrhoids and the other is external. The inner lining of your anus and the lower rectum are called internal hemorrhoids.

Are there any risk factors for having Hemorrhoids?

Risk factors for symptomatic hemorrhoids, which are including:

  • Not comfortable during the movement of your bowel.
  • You may need to give a long time to sit in the toilet.
  • Sometimes you also have constipation.
  • Diarrhea is also the cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Take only a low fiber diet throughout all days.
  • Obesity is also the main cause.
  • During your pregnancy.
  • When you crossed a maximum of 50 years of your age.
  • Sometimes when you lift the heavy instruments.
  • Due to your elder age, the tissues around your anus will weaken by natural processes.

When and what type of symptoms for Hemorrhoids?

The hemorrhoids symptoms can only depend that what type of hemorrhoids you are facing now. If we talk about only internal hemorrhoids, then there is less chance to see them or feel them in your rectum area due to their deeper location.

But using a stool sample, if you see some blood in your stool or see blood in the toilet bowl then you may have hemorrhoids that pushed through only the anus area. On the other side, if we talk about external hemorrhoids which are mostly experienced with itching in your anal area.

Sometimes it will be swollen or lumps around the area of your anus and feel excessive pain in your anus part which causes bleeding. It commonly happens when you are sitting on any object. It can be more painful when there is a clot in the external hemorrhoidal vessel.

How can you easily diagnose Hemorrhoids whether it is Internal or External?

The hemorrhoids disease can only be diagnosed when you are on sight with the doctor, this is especially recommended when you are facing external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can only be examined with the help of a finger or with the help of an endoscope.

This type of hemorrhoids can easily be treated by preventing from straining, also need to increase the fibre dietary products, also sitting in the warm water can lead you to reduce the pain and inflammation. Some medicated ibuprofen and aspirin will help you to reduce the possible pain and inflammation, which cause your discomfort.

Usually, the symptoms of hemorrhoids go away in a matter of weeks. But if this problem is persistent, then maybe your doctor recommended you colonoscopy. Through this process, your doctor can easily rule out the other issues in the GI tract and then go to the surgery phase if it is necessary.

Detail about Menopause

In the medical field, the cycle of menopause begins when your menstrual period has ended for a year. Decreasing of hormones is the major cause of menopause. The reproductive hormones in your body include estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. This means that in the elder age your body is going to badly affect your ovaries.

There is the flexible time that is natural given to a women’s body and there is a fixed retirement age of your ovaries. With this, the other parts of your body will produce only a few amounts of valuable hormones, which is the mandatory thing for a healthy body. Stress is the only deadly cause for the lesser reproductive of hormones in your body.

When does it occur?

Almost every women face menopause symptoms before the last period in four years. Symptoms will continue with their ages as they grow older. There are different varieties of women who face symptoms of menopause according to the nature of the body whether in 12 years or a decade last periods.

The given age for menopause is around about 50 years of age or sometimes it can be 52 years of age, but it must be above 50 years of age. There are so many factors that can only determine that when you will face menopause, it may be including your ovary health or your genetics. There are some stages of menopause, you may first face perimenopause and then menopause.

Perimenopause is the stage where your body hormones are ready to change for the preparation of menopause. The main thing is that it will last for a few months. There is no specific timing. According to medical researches, most women face the symptoms of pre-menopause in their 40 age.

Also, some women report that they directly enter the phase of menopause without having a pre-menopause stage. There is only one percent of women who face menopause before entering the age of ’40s. this type of menopause is known as premature or primary insufficiency of the ovarian. There is also only a minimum percentage that faces menopause during their 40 to 45 years of age, which is known as early menopause.

Some major symptoms of Menopause

  • Feel dryness around the area of the vaginal.
  • Weight gain is also the cause of menopause.
  • Excessive depression throughout the day.
  • You may also feel anxiety during or before any work.
  • You also begin to lose your memory.
  • You cant fully concentrate or maybe it is difficult for you.
  • The major issue with sex drive as it minimize your libido.
  • Have dry parts of your face like eyes, mouth, and skin.
  • Excessive heartbeats level.

The major treatment for the symptoms of Menopause

  • When you lose your hair due to menopause symptoms then you need to take only five percent of topical minoxidil.
  • Use any best shampoo for anti-dandruff. Which is commonly added ketoconazole of two percent and only one percent zinc.
  • If you don’t want hair growth in the areas where it looks bad then you must need eflornithine topical cream.
  • When you face hot flashes or some other kind of anxiety then you must need serotonin inhibitors of only 7.5 milligrams.
  • Must use non-hormonal vaginal lubricants.
  • If you are facing painful or dry intercourse then you surely need ospemifene.
  • If you are feeling difficulties in insomnia then you need to stop sleeping pills.


When you face any disease whether it is menopause or hemorrhoids, you need to promptly consult your doctor or with your mother. Because in this way, you can take the best advice from them.

Also, from here you can easily understand the symptoms or the treatments for each hemorrhoid and menopause. It is a natural process which every woman will face in their age’s around 50 years.

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