2 Person Yoga Poses | Kid-Friendly Partner Yoga Poses

Here we will guide you about 2 person yoga poses which will be very helpful for you.

Hey everybody! I’m Candice Daniel Elena, and we are going to be sharing a couple partner. Yoga poses that you can do at home. So if you have kids, this is really great thing to do with them to keep them entertained.

If you have a roommate or a house me or a partner and run practice with – and these are some great options to do so – let’s start with our very first one. You’re, going to come into plank position for plank position.

You want to have your hands shoulder distance. You want to be sure that you’re, not dumping into your shoulders, which would look like this. You kind of have this like divot there and the shoulders instead push the ground away.

You can find a little bit of around without for back. You know to push super super high, but then make your legs really really strong and press out of the bottoms of the feet. Then the top person is going to come for me and place their hands at the lowest part of the calves, and then he will be here.

Arms very strong, as you stuff your toes onto their upper back alright, and then you press in and lift up, and you find yourself in a plank position so dry. Your low belly in towards your spine up towards your chest, really strong and breathe deep and hold it for five breaths, and then you can step down.

If you’re, the top person and the bottom person will come down into a child’s pose so for child’s pose. You would have your arms out in front of you: can press into your forum it’s literally a stretch to your armpits reach, your hips back towards your heels, and the head will be down into the ground if you have a small child who’s, been running around all day and then probably super super mobile, much more mobile.

We are so they can probably come on to their shins, send their hips on your hips and then we’ll, be back and lay over it. Oh don’t, go into that and don’t. Try to do that. Don’t go into that cold because then the arms can hang out to the side or reach out to the sky and really taste like hurt.

Opener here the other option is, and this one is a little less intense it’s. Just keep the feet out in front of you as you squat down and then set back, and usually it feels pretty good for the person on the bottom.

I love the real yeah, I just think a really nice assist for them, and so you can breathe the couple of breaths here and then, when you’re ready, you can release, so the top person will come off and the base will come into A downward facing dog through downward dog you want to have your hands shoulder distance.

You want to push the ground away so that you have really long arm pits make sure you’re plugging into all four corners of the palms. Let the head! Hang heavy your knees can bend. You want to reach your hips up and back belly goes towards the thighs and then press the heels down towards the ground if they don’t get there in no big deal now.

If your knees are bent a whole lot, your heels are way off the ground. If you just like you’re, really super tight through your hips like if this is kind of what your your down dog looks like this. Probably isn’t the best pose for you, but if you know that you’re very, very close, like Dan, is with the heels towards the ground, or you’re there.

Then you can safely do this. My only hesitation is like if the top person is kind of heavy and we push into you and your heels are like way off the ground. It might be too much on your hamstring, so use caution with this.

Then from here the top person is going to take their hands just in front of the bases hands and they’ll, take the toes to the low back cetera and they will kind of press in and lift up. You push the ground away.

You want to feel that your hips are over your head. I cannot really see a thing they are, and then you can also play around with them arm balance here. If you want, you can take one foot up lead into a little a little bit think about cartwheeling out of it.

If you don’t have your balance and if you want to get out there, you go from here. Your person and your base can come down into a seated position sitting in like a criss cross plank position and the other person will stay up against their back and just see the breath here.

You can kind of feel your upper back against their upper back and you can breathe in together. Seeing the expansion three runs. You can do that one more time deep breath in and then take your right hands and your partner will take their right hand.

You’ll. Take your right into your left leg, your penalty. They’re, starting their left hands to your opposite knee and you will twist so big breath in grow tall exhale. You can use your partner’s, leg of it to leverage a deeper twist.

How’s it going and then, as you inhale, begin to unravel and switch sides befriending her top and then Jamie come back to centre. So those are a couple. Parker yoga poses that you can do at home.

Super helpful, I hope you have lots of fun with it take a paper. Let us know what that looks like for you and send it over to us on Instagram, where you can find me at yoga by Kenneth. You can find me there at not misleading strength.

Now, mostly underscore strength is where you can find him. He’s, got lots of tips for a strength, building hot dogs for yoga, and hopefully we’ll, see you over there. Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll, see you very soon here in the yoga.

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