With a population of about 1500-1800 residents which live on an island just over 6 square kilometers you wouldn’t be surprised to find out there isn’t much football interest, but you’d be wrong. Ever since the the 1st World War there has been football been played on the Scillys. During the 1920’s there used to be a football competition between St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martins, Bryher and St. Agnes called the Lyonnesse Inter-Island Cup.


By the 1950’s there were only 2 teams left on the Scillys, the Rangers and the Rovers. In 1984 the two teams changed their names to the Garrison Gunners (Yellows) and the Woolpack Wanderers (Reds). The league is actually affiliated with the Football Association and also trying to get in the Guinness World Record Book as officially the smallest league in the world.


As there is only two teams you may expect it to get a bit tedious…..But no. As the League is during the winter the teams are constantly changing their lineups due to work, holidays and injuries. Another factor that keeps things interesting is the weather, due to the pitches location on top of a hill it exposes the teams to strong north westerly winds and not to mention the down pours that usually occur…..but even that doesn’t dampen team spirit.
Nowadays the league is still as keenly contested as it was during the early days, the Woolpack Wanderers and the Garrison Gunners 20 man squads Slug it out every Sunday morning competing for the League (17 games throughout the season) the Wholesalers Cup, the Foredeck Cup played over 2 legs, the Old Men versus the Youngsters on Boxing Day and not forgetting to mention the Charity Shield to kick off the season.